Thursday, December 4, 2008


Fuck I'm lazy. Sometimes I just really don't feel like taking part in this blog-O-thing. And then I snap back, fuck it.

Anyway, I just got back from seeing MILK and am totally inspired and want the world (or the 78 persons that read this daily) to go see it. You must. And after you see it you should tell a friend but more importantly, you should do something to rally people to do something positive. As beautiful as it is to promote human rights and animal rights and those kinds of great issues it can be about music and art too. Have a meeting, start a label, set up a show, organize a rally, SOMETHING. And I don't mean the cheesy Myspace bulletins that for some reason I'm skeptical of the intentions. I mean flier, poster, email, round fools up, start a zine, AND myspace if you really want to. That means you really mean it and are devoted. At least to me it does, and I'm just saying what's on my mind. But back to the issue here. Fuck, you know what? Don't even do that shit if you're not that type of person. Be part of something though. Like support something good. I sound like a fool, but I'm just buzzing from the movie.

You know what's funny, too? I usually HATE when there's applause in movies like the beginning of Star Wars 1 when the silly yellow words scrolled and people went bananas. But when Milk ended and people applauded I kinda liked it. But, no I didn't clap because it's kinda stupid to applaud a movie.

Sooo start with seeing it and if you're alive inside you'll agree. DO SOMETHING.

Oh shit!! I almost forgot! It's crazy how this movie relates so much to the Prop 8 issue. I mean Prop 8 could literally be in it. I think it's moronic nd borderline irresponsible for this movie not to be released a full month before November 4. Actually makes me a little sick.