Saturday, July 28, 2007

Man drives cross country to burn down rival's trailer!

Chuck alerted me to this delicious little morsel. Evidently, homeboy drove cross country to burn down another guys trailer all because the guy called him a nerd on-line. Can you imagine? The guy obviously has grape-fruit sized balls. And now he faces 7 years! The thought of 7 years in prison is enough to cause to me accidently "make".

Read Here

Friday, July 27, 2007


The Skulls are back presenting Skull Kontrol, same fun time, same fun place. Where you can hear Squeeze squeezed between Notorious BIG and Black Flag. Always free. Always fun.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Skullz been chillin' (but not for long!)

So the Skullz have taken this week off kinda. Sure, The Prayers played at Belly Up with Noisettes yada yada yada, but generally it's a mellow week. I don't know about those other dogs but I've been chillin'. Jogging a bit and marinating on where my life's going. I know Andrew's on big time vacation. Spearing catfish or whatever, going down to Mexico and living off the fat of the land. Brandon's doing his first 40 hr week in months since he doesn't have to trim his hours due to his drinking. I don't know about Chuck...he's a mysterious ass cat. But he's my dog anyway.

Anyway, we're reconvening this weekend to try and pull off the same old tired shenanigans that have always tended to please the minority.

Friday night The Prayers play at Spaceland in Los Angeles. I love LA. The show is all the bands that are on the upcoming Madonna tribute record that Manimal Vinyl is putting out in the fall. The Prayers recorded "Cherish", by the way. If you're in the greater Los Angeles area please come.

Saturday The Prayers along with the Skull Kontrol dick jockeys are playing a house party in San Diego. Should be bonkers or bananas or maybe both. 2220 Front Street in Bankers Hill. $5.

And what's the deal with Comic Con? Are people for real excited? I've never gotten it. Anyways...

p.s. Next week: the return of Skull Kontrol @ live Wire and Skull Kontrol presents Delta Spirit @ Beauty Bar.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Prayers need a drummer....

Brian, our drummer, is leaving the band to attend to other important matters. We're heartbroken to see him go, and are now beginning the process of finding someone who can fill his itty-bitty little shoes. He was an integral member of our band, and we need someone who can dedicate themselves and contribute as much as BH did. We're not looking for any "shredders" or any of that crap. We're most interested in someone who plays simply and cleverly, not John Bonhams or Dave Grohls. If you think you'd be right for the job, contact us via our myspace (ms/thefuckingprayers) or come up to one of us at any of our up coming four shows:
Tonight 7/24 @ The Belly Up
Friday 7/ 27 @ Spaceland
Saturday 7/28 @ SD House Parties House
Sunday 8/5 @ the Echo


Saturday, July 21, 2007

Soul Kontrol this Sunday!!

You will hear northern soul, rare 45s, Motown, girl groups, oldies and a lot more. I'm really looking forward to this. Check it after church on's FREE.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

San Francisco Day 1.

We left at 7:30 in the goddamn morning. Oddly enough, we left in an organized and timely fashion. Very rare. Me and Brandon picked up Dimitri (Booty Bassment) and we were off to pick up Andrew and then Megan in LA. We had a small group and a light load due to Brian (The Prayers' drummer) not being able to make the trip. Who cares about the drive, right? The only thing I'll add is that "Cowschwitz" fucking stinks in central California. Poor things. All cooped up.

The Knockout was the venue for the Friday show/club. I really like it there. It's a perfect size, small yet big enough. It also has a lot of character. I don't want to say dingy, because it sounds bad...but it's worn in you know? Also the staff there is really nice and generous. Free drinks all night and no questions or limits. Considering the price a bar pays for alcohol, isn't that the way it should be? I played records by myself for the first hour or so, and then The Vultures arrived. Totally late, mind you, due to a tire blowout. So it was a kind of a stressful vibe for a while. But they went on and they shredded. I know I've said this before, but they are getting better EVERY time they play. Since the crowd had very little knowledge of The Vultures, they were a bit stand offish, which I know bugs Chuck, but they did dig it and applauded loudly after each song. I think next time will be even better for them, now that the single is out and they've played up there.

After they played, I played more records while Ye Olde Prayers set up. They set up with a stand up drum set and each one of them played drums while the other two played guiter, bass and/or sang. I think it sounded great. Honestly, I think they should try this set up more often. It could use some more practice and maybe some changes but I loved it, and I think anybody who had seen them in the traditional set up liked it too. Considering the time they had to figure out what they would do without Brian, I commend them. (Look at my fuggin' dogs..all able and stuff.) The crowd were a little closer for The Prayers and they were recieved well. Really well. The only reasons I think the crowd got a little closer and offered a warmer reception were that they were drunker, and the place was filling and there was less room.
After The Prayers, Dimitri and Ryan (Booty Bassment) started their thing. The place was all full and shit and the dancefloor was packed. Dimitri and Ryan are amongst my favorite djs by the way. So good at what they do and far more original than the cookie cutter djs you find in most dance clubs. They played a ton of soul, oldies and hip hop. Rap and junk. I want to work with them in the future. Oh shit. BOOTY KONTROL @ THE CASBAH SAN DIEGO TOMORROW NIGHT WITH THE PRAYERS, ROMAN SPRING AND BOOTY/SKULL DJS. HA.

After the bar closed we hung out and drank and I got a chance to chat with the owner. I'm was real pleased with his appreciation of the night. He asked if we'd be interested in coming back in any capacity. So I think I'm going to try and set up a night once a month. I'm telling you, this place rules. They pay really well too. And give free drinks? Maybe I was in heaven and NOT The Knockout.

Important Prayers shitz for you...

Starting tomorrow, Thursday the 19th, are some important Prayers gigs we'd love to see all you fools at. We'll be playing the Casbah tomorrow night, along with Roman Spring, and Skull Kontrol and Booty Bassment will be spinning the platters that matter. Expect tons of new records from the big Vultures-Prayers-Muslims-Skull Kontrol San Francisco trip of last weekend (more on that trip to come). We didn't get a flier for this one out very early, so there's a good chance that this we'll be a nice opportunity to get all intimate and shit with all of us.
Saturday night, the 21st, we'll be playing L.A. with our bff's the Muslims and our other bff's the Soft-Boiled Eggies. For those not in the know, Soft-Boiled Eggies feature ex-San Diegan, and ex-go go go airheart member, Ben White, who these days, apart from being an Eggie, is responsible for L.A.'s best two clubs, Part Time Punks, and Punky Reggae Party. All you L.A. cats should make a note to come out the goddamn Smell this Saturday. Eh...Noish.
On Tuesday, the 24th, we'll be playing the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach supporting UK buzzniks the Noisettes. I've not heard much more than one song that was on that Mojo Magazine compilation a few months ago, but what I heard, I dug. I kind of expected it to blow, considering the description I read describing them as some weird punk-metal-blues hybrid. It reeked of "gimmick" to me, but after listening, I was very impressed. And that weird description actually fits them, albeit in a much cooler way than it looks on paper.
On Saturday, the 28th, we'll be playing our first SD-House Parties party. I personally love playing house shows. No pressure, everybody is drunk, no sound man breathing down your neck. Plus we love those gals, so again...noish.
We return to L.A. on Sunday, August 5th to play our favorite L.A. club night, Part Time Punks opening for those other UK buzzniks, the 1990's. Way back when, this Scottish band Yummy Fur broke up. Some of them went on to form Franz Ferdinand. The others sat around for a while, but now they have their own band; the 1990's. And they'll be making their U.S. debut at Part Time Punks at the Echo in Echo Park. And we'll be opening.
Besides the loveliness of seeing all your beautiful faces at these shows, another huge reason to come is they will be the last shows for our beloved drummer, BH. He's leaving us to pursue other interests, and while we're hugely sad to see him go, we also wish him the best of luck.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Booty Kontrol this Thursday.

Five dollars / 21 N up / 9-2am


So we're back from our big ol' trip. Full report soon. Too tired now. But please join us tonight @ Live Wire for a big (not really) homecoming party. We're bringing all our record loot from the big trip. I'll play the two 45s I bought for 40 goddamn dollars. Anyway. Tonight. Free.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Golden State schedule.

Hair raising schedule? Or hair-brained schemes. Sometimes we skullz bite off a litle more than we can chew. Then again, we can chew quite a lot. So listen here for the next week's bullcrap and hundreds of miles travelled.

Friday 7/13

Booty Kontrol San Francisco - The Prayers, The Vultures LIVE, Skullz djing before and between bands, then Booty Bassment djs Dimitri Dickinsen and Ryan Poulsen takeover for dancing N rap N shit. @ The Knockout. $3. 3223 Mission , San Francisco CA

Saturday 7/14

The Muslims join The Prayers and The Vultures for a noisy night at Edinburgh Castle. Not sure if we're playing records or not. No big anyway.
@ Edinburgh Castle. $5. 950 Geary Street San Francisco CA

Tuesday 7/17

Oh dear the skullz return to our beloved San Diego. Tuesday are a favorite of ours @ Live Wire. They're fun yet not crazy and they give us a chance to do a night with a theme. Different genre ideas. We're not sure what we're doing on Tuesday, but show up and fuck it. It's free. And if any of you wise apples have an idea, let's hear it. @ Live Wire FREEEE. Oh and Pat is the best bartender.

Thursday 7/19

Booty Kontrol San Diego - The Prayers and The Roman Spring LIVE. All the skullz playing before and after bands and then Dimitri Dickinsen of Booty Bassment does the rump thing. Like rap N shit. Kinda like what we're doing in San Francisco...but a little different. $5. @ The Casbah in San Diego, CA.

fUnfUn plus more.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Let San Francisco Bleed

"Let San Francisco Bleed" Limited 7" by The Vultures will be available at both The Knockout and The Edinburgh Castle gigs. Only 57, or 33, or something copies were created for this weekend so cowboy up. Clear vinyl copies contain Rowland' spit.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

San Fran, Frisco, SF and "The City"

This San Francisco trip on Friday has hit some (como se dice) road bumps. We hate to announce that Brian Hill of The Prayers has had to pull out of the trip due to a family obligation. The Prayers have decided to make the shows and perform them acoustically.

So if you had planned on coming to the shows, we look forward to seeing you. The Vultures, The Prayers, The Muslims and ye olde Skullz. 2 shows/parties. Details posted on an older post and reminder will come Thursday.

Tonight I'm going to Live Wire. Matt from the Muslims and Andrew from The Prayers are "djing" tonight. I think Matt just got some Velvet Underground reissues...

Monday, July 9, 2007

The thing to do. Big Tuesday.

Art Fag update and shit.

So things are pleasantly busy at Art Fag HQ. The Prayers records are getting fine reviews and orders are coming in. Thanks to those who ordered Art Fag stuff, tell a friend!! The Vultures record is done and sounds great. I think everyone will be pleased. Check two songs out on Myspace (ms/officialvultures). If you missed The Vultures perform at Beauty Bar the other night, you truly missed out. They sound better than ever. There are three more chances in the California area this week. Don't miss!!

Wednesday, July 11th @ The Casbah (San Diego) w/ The Muslims, Roman Spring and The Skullz "djing" $7

Friday, July 13th @ The Knockout (San Francisco) w/ The Prayers and me playing records between bands and the Booty Bassment djs close the night with rump shakers. $3

Saturday, July 14th @ Edinburgh Castle (San Francisco) w/ The Prayers, The Muslims $?


Equador pays it's proper respects.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Melissa Etheridge @ Live Earth

Did anyone see Melissa Etheridge on those Live Earth concerts? I was in shock. Don't ask why I even had it on...I was just flipping channels and there she was. And I was glued. It was so ridiculous. Fuck I wish it was up on Youtube. You can see it here though.

Melissa Etheridge song/speech

Her rant in the middle of the song? Oh man. I was embarassed and pleased at the same time. I was so bummed I was alone, because I wanted to share these emotions so bad. She takes herself so seriously. So earnest. You go girl? I love when the drums are shuffling and everything quiets down for her to have the floor.

Anyway, I hope somebody finds enjoyment. Warning: the "song" is horrible, so beware.

I'm going to Dan Wise's famous jazz night at the Whistle Stop. It has a Cheers type vibe on Sundays. I'm like Dan's Frasier Crane...and he's my...who was...that little dwarf lady? Curly hair. Married to Danny DeVito? Anyway...

If you enjoyed The Vultures lastnight, everybody did, then you will be pleased to know that they are playing again on Wednesday, July 11th at The Casbah with The Muslims & The Sundelles & Skull Kontrol DJS. Catch The Vultures while they are flying high (on mephuza) 'round San Diego because their next local gig is August 18th.

Million dollar mack, billion dollar bitch.

Video kinda rules. I love the dialogue at the beginning when holmes asks Dre why he's dressed like Roddy Piper. This is the new single by UGK (featuring Outkast), "International Player's Anthem". It's produced by Three 6 Mafia. Notice the cameo by T-Pain as one of the choir dudes wailing in the background. UGK's album, "Underground Kings" comes out July 17. I guess the summer's just beginning and I shouldn't have been so impatient regarding summer jams. "Lord, if you exist, can this be a smash hit so that the world makes a little more sense?"

Saturday, July 7, 2007


Our sincere apologies for not having comments up. They're all approved and posted now. Didn't realize that they only show up from this account. Ok, keep 'em coming.

Tonight. Party time.

Like I wrote earlier in the week, we're putting on a party tonight with the Cat Dirt camp. The world's most controversial blog and us, the goofy Skullz. The Vultures are playing, as is Fifty On Their Heels. We're offering a sweaty, raucous dance floor. Jams, jams and more jams. No electro (do you realize how upset some dorks get at those two words?). So please come and share in the magic.

Skull Kontrol / Cat Dirt presents

Saturday Night Dance Party!

"DJs" Sir Charles, Andrew Miller, Brandon Welchez and Mario Orduno


Fifty On Their Heels

The Vultures

$5 (free before ten)
9-2am , 21 N up
@ Beauty Bar San Diego

Friday, July 6, 2007

45 rpm heaven

Next weekend the Skullz are going to San Francisco. We're putting on a show at The Knockout on Friday and Edinburgh Castle on Saturday. Blah blah blah, details later.

Anyway. What I'm most excited about is visiting Rooky Ricardo's. Holy f'n shit. This place is amazing. It's on Lower Haight, and is the best record store I've ever been to. Mind you, it's a specialty store. It specializes in 60s & 70s soul, northern soul and oldies 45s and lps. Original American vinyl lps and 45s ONLY. It is a dream come true. The last time me and Andrew were there we must have spent an hour just listening to 45s. The owner (whose name escapes me) is a vault of information. Totally friendly too. Maybe too friendly. He asked me what song was on my mind, and not only got me that song, but a stack of 45s that are similar. I spent 120 dollars!! But every record I got is such a gem. Oh man, one of those goddamn record was 40 dollars alone..."Big Bad World" by Cathy Saint. It rules.

So I already sent my wish list, so the rest of these guys can suck it. Maybe I'll even sneak away from these fools so I won't have any competition anyway. I could totally see Brandon hogging all the good stuff. You should SEE this guy. And Chuck? FORGET it.

After next weekend I'll write a list of what I bought. And maybe I can post pictures of the amazing amount of records in stock.

Rooky Ricardo's
448 haight st. (bet. fillmore & webster)
san francisco
1-6 mon-fri
12-5 sat-sun

Thursday, July 5, 2007

TNT tonight with The Prayers

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The Prayers are playing TNT tonight at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Downtown San Diego tonight. Here's The Museums blurb about tonight:

TNT gets graphic with some inspiration from the work of artist Ryan McGinness. Fusing influences such as corporate logos, graphic design, graffiti, and art history, McGinness' work, now on view at 1001 Kettner, is an exercise in visual multiplicity.

Join San Diego design icons Don Hollis and Dylan Jones, the duo behind Little Italy's quirky design boutique, Subtext, for a discussion on graphic art-old and new, corporate and underground.

Which Pantone color are you? Find out in an interactive activity where you can create your own graphic identity. Then, make your personal mark in a collaborative collage. Enjoy the warm summer weather in the North Plaza with live music by The Brisbanes and The Prayers.

Check out photos from Perry Vasquez's fotoaktion from February's Best of TNT.

Support for TNT is provided by JP Morgan Chase Foundation, Redducs Foundation, mediaThe foundation inc., an anonymous donor, the City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture, 91X, San Diego CityBeat, Stone Brewing Company, and Absolut Citron Vodka. Programs at MCASD Downtown are supported in part by The James Irvine Foundation and the Institute of Museum and Library Services. For more information on TNT please contact 858 454 3541.

Skull Kontrol @ Live Wire TONIGHT!!

Ladies n germs. Tonight is Skull Kontrol @ Live Wire. Sir Chaz and myself are bringing our 12" antiques. It's free and always bananas. Skull Kontrol @ Live Wire. Cleaning ears since 2006.

Live Wire
2103 El Cajon Boulevard San Diego CA

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

R.I.P. My Nigga

Wow. All I can say is, "Tookie".

777. The number of God? Or date of the big fiesta?

This Saturday, 7/7/7, Skull Kontrol Presents is joining forces with controversial blogger and record label founder Scott Pactor of Cat Dirt Records. He's bringing a band from his stable of artists , Fifty On Their Heels. Our end is bringing The Vultures and the Skull Kontrol record players. We've never put on a show/ event with another promoter, mostly cuz we don't like nobody, but this is a special exception. Scott will be signing copies of his new book, "How To Make People Upset And Turn A Profit".

So come experience our controversial methods and techniques. Gawk at the bands and shake a rump to the platters that matter. It's 5 bucks, but free before ten. Oh, and it's at Beauty Bar San Diego. Already sold 65 presale, so get there early!! C-Ya.

And here's a lil' tidbit courtesy of Geocities:

The number 777 is a number which has become to some Christians the symbolic representation of all that is good. To some Christians this number represents to them the perfect trinity of God, this of course is error and without scriptural foundation. The number 777 and it's erred symbolism is without a doubt a number whose symbolism has been created by some well meaning Christians. The number 777 representing to many of them, the perfect trinity of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. (*yawn* Time 2 party!!)

Monday, July 2, 2007

NO AGE...Weirdo Rippers

NO AGE is having a YEAR. Having just released FIVE records in May, they are now on tour with Mika Miko in Europe. All the while generating more and more attention, it seems, on a weekly basis.

NO AGE is one of my favorite bands right now. So noisy, and yet so melodic. The first-listen simplicity of their sound fools you into not understanding their genius. But the more you listen it's clear that they are truly a special band. I'm not going to go so far as to say that "they are the future", because that's annoying AND corny. But they sure are a big part of mine, and should at least have chance of becoming part of yours. As you can tell, I'm not going to try and decribe their sound too much. Just listen for yourself.

On June 11, No Age released "Weirdo Rippers" on Fat Cat. It's a collection of all 5 vinyl only eps released in May 2007. They are from Los Angeles. Enjoy this video for "Boy Void".

Fat Cat Records / NO AGE bio link

New M.I.A. record coming in August!

The Sri Lanka refugee, turned British rapper, M.I.A. is back with her 2nd album 'KALA'! In 2005 M.I.A. debuted 'Arular', produced by Diplo and Steve Mackey (ex-pulp bassist). The record stands out as a colorful, exciting debut, fearlessly mixing genres and yelling about bombs and the P.L.O. M.I.A. was first a fine-artist who held gallery showings in London, and hung around the likes of Justine Frischmann (Elastica) doing some video and cover art for Elastica, as well as video documenting one of their US tours. She didn't take music seriously until Peaces showed her whats up with a Roland MC-505, she made a couple singles, and got signed. Not bad huh? Now, she's branching off from the single-producer deal and has travelled around the world; India, Jamaica, USA etc. collecting beats from different producers. She's even got a track with Timbaland. "KALA" comes out August 21st in the US. Check out the video for Bird Flu. Not to be confused with SOV.

The Young Knives

They're fuckin' ugly and nerdy and are from Oxford but The Young Knives are brilliant and they pack a high brow punk punch that sits well in your collection next to Gang Of Four (New album produced by Andy Gill, guitar player for Gang Of Four) and XTC (No affiliation, both share a love for exuberance). For several months I ignored all of the accolades and jubilance the Uk press spouted about these nerds because they tend to make a big fuss over absolute shit (i.e. The Gossip), once I stopped judging the book (Young Knives' Voices of Animals and Men CD/LP) by it's cover (The cover is a photograph of a bizarre wickerman type figure and a nerd in an over coat standing next to each other on a street corner) I bought it, on trade, and decided that if Andy Gill (Gang Of Four) likes them and he always looks pissed off then I must too because I always look pissed off. You be the judge. The video below is for my favorite song "She's Attracted To".

Muslims Prayers In School Debate

Are Art Fag bands causing a dispute in the educational system?

Click Here

Will The Vultures blow your mind?

Click Here

San Diego's infamous jam spot Skull Kontrol is back this Thursday July 5th. Have a little hair-of-the-dog after the 4th. Drink irresponsibly. Artwork borrowed from Primal Scream's 1987 Sonic Flower Groove LP.

What's the best summer ditty?

I fuckin' love the summer ditty. But this year seems weak. Then again, since my car's been broken down, I may have missed a few songs on my beloved "urban" radio stations. But from what I know, the only perfect gems of the summer ditty '07 genre are
"Umbrella" and "I'm A Flirt". I do like "Pop Lock & Drop It", but I think that's like late '06 shit. Hmmm. There must be some more ignorant, sweet sounding urban jams that I'm missing. Oh wait, I just remembered "Lip Gloss" by Lil' Mama is a legit summer jam. But I want more. Help. (Then again, I know what the hell I'm doing so save it.)

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Those guys are such firecrackers!!

SO. This is next in the long line of Skull type party crap for San Diego residents.

Screaming Lord Sutch

One of the huge benefits I think all us skullz have experienced with our departure from Camp Skull Kontrol is the re-discovery of records we forgot we had. I was organizing my records the other day and found an old favorite I forgot I had. The title in question is "Rock and Horror" by Screaming Lord Sutch. Balls! What a fun record.
Screaming Lord Sutch was the first British long-hair maniacal rock and roller. Years before the Stones brought meanness to the Cliff Richards dominated English pop scene, Screaming Lord Sutch was terrifying audiences up and down the fair isles. Having never secured a hit, he has since been relegated to the cult bin of music history. His backing band, the Savages, featured future members of the Yardbirds, Led Zeppelin, and Deep Purple amongst others. And though his name isn't often mentioned, his influence is heard from the Stones to the Cramps, the Misfits, the Birthday Party and even contemporary bozos The Horrors, who cover his classic single "Jack the Ripper".