Friday, October 24, 2008

New Blog Alert / Mika Miko

Mika Miko have a new blog. Read it. They're busy recording a new lp right now and updating the blog with pictures and news. And other silly bullshit. Hey and who was lucky enough to get the new Sup Pop Singles Club 7"? With the Black Flag cover? I totally snoozed.

Mika Miko Blog

Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Cold Cave Song

There's a (fantastic) new Cold Cave song posted from the forthcoming 7" on Hospital Records entitled Painted Nails on the ol' Myspace. Check that and the other gems on there. Philadelphia's Wes Eisold has been busy a fuck lately with Heartworm Press, Cold Cave's three releases, Ye Olde Maids upcoming LP, and opening a new bookstore/art space called Juanita & Juan's. All great stuff.

Cold Cave also has a show booked for November 8 in NYC at Rehab (3rd St & Ave B). 5 bucks.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Blank Dogs Video For 'Pieces'

Here's the new video just released by Blank Dogs. It's for the song "Pieces" off the lp "On Both Sides". This lp has been on repeat in my house for a while now. You can download it for free on his site,, or buy the lp from Trouble Man Unlimited. I say do both.

Blank Dogs "Pieces" from hudson on Vimeo.

Chin Chin

Fuck man, so last week I went nuts and got into a bidding war for this Black Tambourine 10". I lost my mind. I was bidding money I didn't even HAVE. And then I lost. My heart was racing and I got all sad. Then I was relieved for sure. Fuck that record. But there came a positive. The seller wrote me a message telling me if I love Black Tambourine, then I should check out a Swiss band called Chin Chin. They were an all girl band from the early eighties. Very good. Kinda like Girls At Our Best. I don't know much info. There was an lp and a 12" ep. But check this crap below on the youtubes and if you like it, you can download that 12" ep called Stop! Your Crying using that link below.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fun Under The San Diego Sun

DISCLAIMER. This is a blog posting (blogging?) for the readers in San Diego, California. So all you readers in Darfur, Sheffield and Manitoba, please scroll down and read about PENS. If you are from my beloved San Diego, then read on my lucky friend, here's something really dumb and special.

Thursday nights at Tower Bar have been pretty dang fun lately. Big ol' Brian Carver (Christmas island) and I have been bringing our cool ass records and shit. Like not regular records, but magic, fun "you haven't heard these" records. Or maybe "oh I love that!" type records. Meanwhile, Dan Wise has been bringing his bedside manner to bartending for a unique result. Cooool. This is all FREE and fun as fuck. So I don't know...try and come tonight? Well, if you need more convincing, here are a couple pics from last week

C-ya there??!!


This is my new shit. PENS from the Englands. United Kinksdom. 3 lo-fi punks with a keyboard. Super melodic, super infectious and super just plain ol' rad. Of their three songs on their Myspace thingamajigger I think Freddie is my favorite. Or fuck is it High In The Cinema? Whatever, all three jams are just that...JAMS. So check this shit and don't waste time. They have a cassette about to be available, a 7" in 3 monthsish time and an lp coming in February '09 on Destijl Records. Save yr cash moneys and buy. Who knows, maybe a California Dreamin' tour could be on the horizon for these fuzzy melody machines. For my sake. One could only hope.

PENS Myspace thingamajigger

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Nite Jewel / New Video

The syrupy synth sister, Nite Jewel, just released this video for "Artificial Intelligence". Both song and video are top notch in my book. Excited about her new record on Italians Do It Better! I'm even more excited for her and her ridiculously cool upcoming tour with Deerhunter and Times New Viking. What the hell??? Expect big things...

Monday, October 13, 2008

Hawnay Troof New Video And Euro Dates

New and very weird Hawnay Troof video for "Water". All footage from 1988. Enjoy.

And here, also, are his cotton pickin' European tour dates starting in a day. Enjoy.

10/​15/​08 13TH NOTE Glasg​ow (UK)
10/​16/​08 BRUDE​NELL Leeds​ (UK)
10/​17/​08 CHICK​S DIG JERKS​ @ SUNFL​OWER LOUNG​E Birmi​ngham​ (UK)
10/​18/​08 LUMIN​AIRE Londo​n (UK) w/ Barr,​ Dave Stone​,​ Lucky​ Drago​ns !!!!
10/​21/​08 HAFEN​KLANG​ Hambu​rg
10/​22/​08 REDRU​M Helsi​nki (​FIN)​
10/​23/​08 CUL DE SAC Tilbo​urg (NL)
10/​24/​08 WORM Rotte​rdam (NL)
10/​25/​08 GRUEN​E HAIDT​ Hof

F'n Melodies 'N' Harmonies

Tonight, Dan was driving me home from Too Many Creeps (it was ok) and on the old mainframe was "Ragdoll" by The Quick. Man this song is fucking badass slash perfect. The Four Seasons did it so well and then these goddamn LA glam fools did it such justice. The shit is mega rare too. I don't know what kind of virus filled website he got it from but I'm not going there. This thing cost 2000 bucks. Instead, cuz I need to share, I'm going to post the busted 70's lip synched version. Mainly cuz I don't give a care.

But the thing is, when you have magic, it don't matter none if it's 70s-ized OR lip synched. It's still magic.

Friday, October 10, 2008


Want to see what it looks like when two magic gals make a blog? Then go over to

These gals are on some fun, slightly weird, thoroughly interesting and magic ass shit.

On Some San Diego Shit Holmes

Here's some upcoming bullcrap in San Diego so c'mon over.

*Roctober 31 Halloween @ The Whistle Stop

Kill Me Tomorrow, Doctor Bird, DJs Dan Wise, Mario Orduno and some costume contest shit..FREE/21+

*November 1 @ The Che Cafe

Crystal Stilts, Cause Co-Motion, The Strange Boys and Christmas Island...$5/ALL AGES

*November 8 @ Soda Bar

The Strange Boys, Christmas Island, Crocodiles and "DJ" Mario Orduno...$5/21+

*November 14 @ Rosary Room

The Powerchords, Crocodiles, Mayyors, The Pets, DJs Mario Orduno, Brian Carver...$5/18+

New Crocodiles Single/Video "Refuse Angels"

Feel free to spread this disease. Tell a friend or whatever you do in cyberspace. Like they say on Myspace, "PLEASE REPOST" .

Thursday, October 9, 2008

WHAT DO YOU DO FOR A LIVING Vol 1: Working With Kids / Drug Addict Neighbors

Let me tell you a little about my life: I work 40 hours a week at a special education school. I'm a substitute. Our school serves a HUGE population. What that means is; Monday - i may be working with really sweet, nice 13 year old kids with Downs Syndrome. Tuesday - I may be hanging out with energetic, tough, but fun 6 year olds with schizophrenia. Wednesday my day is spent with 17 and 18 year old sufferers of various conduct disorders with claims and/or ties to various sets of Crips or Bloods. My point being - I don't typically have easy days. If I'm not being spit at or bit, I'm being swung at or called a faggot.
That being said, I live across the street from the gnarliest of drug addicted/dealing neighbors. Today for example: I was on my side yard (SIDE YARD) spray painting Crocodiles shirts ( we can't afford to have screen printed nice shirts made ). This was at 4 pm, after working from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm. This wasn't an easy task - I had to carefully lay out a blank white t-shirt, carefully place a fragile stencil and carefully spray paint over it. After that was done, I had to carefully remove the stencil as to not drag paint over the design and then carefully lay it out to dry, before carefully washing and drying it. The whole time I was doing this, I had a humongous meth addict in a rocking chair laughing at me and heckling me. This fatso was screaming such gems as: "When can I get a shirt" and "You look like you're working hard". Thanks for the observations, Queen Chunk. My life isn't hard enough without Junior Seau in heels yodeling at me from across the way. If I wanted your opinion - you waste of a yard - I would foster a drug addiction and buy speed from that old piece of shit you call a husband. Seriously - I've never met a Grandpa more deserving of death. What does that piece of trash bring to this world but new strands of drugs to shoot/sell/produce in front of the baby that has the misfortune of living there? And seriously - when I'm in my 60's; please let me never fraternize with gross, scabby ex-cons who look like modern day Vanilla Ices ( read: dress like 13 year olds ) that populate your nasty ass yard. I'm super stoked that I have a little slice of Appalachia 40 feet away from me. I'm not kidding, some fucking jerk pro-dirtbike looking fuck was throwing acorns at me from across the street today. Fucking acorns. I live in San Diego. As far as I know acorns don't even grow here. This piece of white shit cultivated that shit to fuck with me cuz I actually wake up and work for a living. Fuck him. I can't wait till that fucking house blows up and takes Korn and methpa and the fat heckler with it. My life is hard enough as it is - I don't need West Virginia across the street to fuck with me and make it worse.

Crocodiles U.S. Tour Starts Tomorrow

Crocodiles start their tour tomorrow. Check the dates in your area, then go to the shows, pay admission fees and buy stuff. Handmade tour tees are going to be a big hit I just know it. Also, if you see a "NEED HELP" on your city's date, you could be a saviour and God's warrior by helping them get a paying show. Have a party and pass the hat even. So, lucky for you America, Crocs are coming.

Oct 10 2008 TRUNKSPACE Phoenix, Arizona
Oct 12 2008 THREADSPACE Albuquerque, New Mexico
Oct 13 2008 WICHITA HOUSE SHOWS - DETAILS SOON Wichita, Kansas
Oct 14 2008 OUTLAND BALLROOM Springfield, Missouri
Oct 15 2008 THE BLUEBIRD St. Louis, Missouri
Oct 17 2008 CAHOOT’S Louisville, Kentucky
Oct 18 2008 NEED HELP Anywhere in Maryland or Virginia, Virginia
Oct 19 2008 VOLUME MUSIC EXCHANGE [Matinee] Virginia Beach, Virginia
Oct 20 2008 VELVET LOUNGE Washington DC, Washington DC
Oct 21 2008 WESLEYAN COLLEGE Middletown, Connecticut
Oct 22 2008 TBA New York, New York
Oct 23 2008 THE DELANCEY New York, New York
Oct 24 2008 THE OPERA HOUSE (basement show) 27 Arion Place, Bushwick, Brooklyn New York, NY
Oct 25 2008 DANGER DANGER Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Oct 27 2008 GARFIELD ARTS Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Oct 28 2008 LEGION OF DOOM Columbus, Ohio
Oct 29 2008 FLOYD’S Detroit, Michigan
Oct 30 2008 THE BORG WARD Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Oct 31 2008 DACC Grand Rapids, Michigan
Nov 1 2008 BEAT KITCHEN Chicago, Illinois
Nov 2 2008 REPLAY LOUNGE Lawrence, Kansas
Nov 3 2008 THE RECORD BAR Kansas City, Missouri
Nov 4 2008 SOUNDPONY Tulsa, Oklahoma
Nov 5 2008 RENO’S Dallas, Texas
Nov 6 2008 THE PERCOLATOR El Paso, Texas
Nov 7 2008 TBA Tucson, Arizona
Nov 8 2008 TBA San Diego, CA w/ The Strange Boys & Christmas Island

Monday, October 6, 2008

White Crystal Wolves

Hey if any of you out there are starting a band and need a name, go ahead and ask me and I'll help you out. I bet you I can come up with something real nice. Something without the word "crystal" or "wolf". What the fuck. So, so far we have Crystal Castles, Crystal Antlers, Crystal Stilts and Twin Crystals. Oh, and don't forget 60s group The Crystals and 80s gay heroine Crystal Waters (does that one count?). Well guess what!? Today I read about Crystal Moustaches. C'mon now. It's getting stupid. Crystal Moustaches? What's next, Wolf Crystals?

And on a similar note, I see White being the next word. We already got White Magic and I'm kind of excited for the new PPM record by White Shit (best current band name).

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Enemy - Pull Down The Shade - More Kiwi Magic

Man, this song is the jam cut. The bomb track. The Enemy's "Pull Down The Shade". 1978? 77? Anyway, The Enemy featured Chris Knox, and he was responsible for recording all the bad ass New Zealand stuff on Flying Nun. He used his 4 track to make brilliant recordings by The Clean, Verlaines and the rest onf the "Dunedin Sound". Anyay, this is pure punk magic.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Willy Graves Memorial Celebration Tomorrow In San Diego

Tomorrow, Saturday October 4, a memorial celebration for Willy Graves is taking place at The Casbah in San Diego. Some of Willy's best friends and bandmates will be performing, and all his friends are urged to attend. Let's have a smashing time remembering Willy.

Here is the line up for the celebration:

Kill Me Tomorrow
The Muslims
Wild Weekend
DJs Jeff Graves and Mario Orduno

@ The Casbah in San Diego @ 8:30PM

The fee for admission is 8 dollars in advance and 10 dollars night of. All proceeds will go to Willy's family. Rest in peace, Willy.