Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Chin Chin

Fuck man, so last week I went nuts and got into a bidding war for this Black Tambourine 10". I lost my mind. I was bidding money I didn't even HAVE. And then I lost. My heart was racing and I got all sad. Then I was relieved for sure. Fuck that record. But there came a positive. The seller wrote me a message telling me if I love Black Tambourine, then I should check out a Swiss band called Chin Chin. They were an all girl band from the early eighties. Very good. Kinda like Girls At Our Best. I don't know much info. There was an lp and a 12" ep. But check this crap below on the youtubes and if you like it, you can download that 12" ep called Stop! Your Crying using that link below.



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DJs Ariel, Frances and Kelly said...

desperately want to play "stop your crying" on my radio show. could you hook me up with the mp3 by any chance?