Thursday, October 16, 2008


This is my new shit. PENS from the Englands. United Kinksdom. 3 lo-fi punks with a keyboard. Super melodic, super infectious and super just plain ol' rad. Of their three songs on their Myspace thingamajigger I think Freddie is my favorite. Or fuck is it High In The Cinema? Whatever, all three jams are just that...JAMS. So check this shit and don't waste time. They have a cassette about to be available, a 7" in 3 monthsish time and an lp coming in February '09 on Destijl Records. Save yr cash moneys and buy. Who knows, maybe a California Dreamin' tour could be on the horizon for these fuzzy melody machines. For my sake. One could only hope.

PENS Myspace thingamajigger

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