Monday, October 13, 2008

Hawnay Troof New Video And Euro Dates

New and very weird Hawnay Troof video for "Water". All footage from 1988. Enjoy.

And here, also, are his cotton pickin' European tour dates starting in a day. Enjoy.

10/​15/​08 13TH NOTE Glasg​ow (UK)
10/​16/​08 BRUDE​NELL Leeds​ (UK)
10/​17/​08 CHICK​S DIG JERKS​ @ SUNFL​OWER LOUNG​E Birmi​ngham​ (UK)
10/​18/​08 LUMIN​AIRE Londo​n (UK) w/ Barr,​ Dave Stone​,​ Lucky​ Drago​ns !!!!
10/​21/​08 HAFEN​KLANG​ Hambu​rg
10/​22/​08 REDRU​M Helsi​nki (​FIN)​
10/​23/​08 CUL DE SAC Tilbo​urg (NL)
10/​24/​08 WORM Rotte​rdam (NL)
10/​25/​08 GRUEN​E HAIDT​ Hof

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Anonymous said...

possibly the best video of all time?!