Thursday, November 29, 2007

Skull Kontrol @ Live Wire Tonight Man

Oooooo wee. Tonight is going to be absurd. Records and FUN. Drinks. Carrying on. Playing the fool. Getting stupid. Same as it ever was. Skull Kontrol @ Live Wire in San Diego tonight. Super duper punk n things.

Please Throw A Shekel The Locust's Way

The Locust's van was broken into and robbed in St Louis over the weekend at a grocery store after the show. Many valuable items were stolen (COMPUTERS, IPODS, CASH, PASSPORTS, RENT MONEY, ETC) and the loss has been devastating to the band. The bands insurance does not cover theft so the loss is on The Locust. Three One G has set up a way to donate to the band if you are interested. Click this link to make a donation!!! Thanks so much.


Official statement from Mario Orduno, "This is chickenshit."


Jay-Z, Biggie, 2Pac? Clowns. Krs-One, Eazy-E, Nas? All bozos when compared to:

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Rock Goggle Fantasy is back. Maybe?

You're probably asking yourself who or what the fuck I'm talking about? Rock Goggle Fantasy was a band from Manhattan Beach who ended a few years ago and who played San Diego only a handful of times, and each time to only a handful of people. My old band, however, had the benefit of meeting them early on in both our "careers" (haha) and we ended up being able to play lots of shows together and even did a bit of touring. They were totally fun cats, and when they were around, stood head and shoulders above any other punk band in California. Listen for yourself; I always thought they sounded like Red Cross fronted by Chris Thomson. And they "smoked" live. (Not as in They smoked cigarettes on stage while they played, but rather, They were fucking good.)
Anyway, I ran into the whole band a few weekends ago and they said they're practicing again. Hopefully that means more shows can't be far away. They were tragically ignored in San Diego the first time around; maybe this time it'll be different.

Listen to the song "Tootsie Roll Pop Art".
Rock Goggle Fantasy's Myspace

New Title!! 3 Cities. Rad Bands And Stuff.

The Muslims, NO AGE, Strange Boys, The Carrots, Finally Punk, The Prayers, Mika Miko, Abe Vigoda, Kill Me Tomorrow, The Sess, Soft Boiled Eggies and Best Fwends. Rad newish music, all from Los Angeles, San Diego and Austin.

Best Fwends

I saw them in August at Fuck Yeah Fest in LA. To be frank I wasn't in the mood. I didn't give a flying fuck. No offense to them at all I was just in my own irritated zone. Plus I had just eaten a real nice sandwich and would have preferred to be sitting somewheres comfortable and quiet. You have to eat at Masa right outside the Echo in LA. You'll know what I mean and understand how Best Fwends might not have been the musica de choice for me at the time.

Anyways, guess what!!! I'm in the mood now. And I really like this song. It's obnoxious and catchy at the same time. The album came out this year, this 7" came out last year. Album's called Alphabetically Arranged, the 7" is called EP 2. Song's called Skate Or Live.

They're on Moshi Moshi Records from The UK. No links. Too sleeeeeeepy. Link your own shit holmes. And these fools is on Myspace too, so peep that shit. Night.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Welcome Milkfat Films!!

Miklfat Films is officially launched this week. I've been waiting MONTHS for this. Milkfat is a collective of some very good friends of ours along with some strangers. A talented group of ladies and gentlemen of film, they are based in New York, Los Angeles and Malta. Along with film work and a newly launched blog, they will also be setting up events, including a launch party on December 14 in LA. Check their website for newly completed music videos and short films. Below are two newly released promos for the Skull Kontrol club in San Diego's Live Wire bar and The Muslims' "Extinction" single respectively. There's also a Prayers video coming soon, but is being held back for an exclusive release by the new and soon to be huge RCRD LBL website. Plan on tons of collaborations between the Mlkfat, Art Fag and Skull Kontrol families. So welcome Milkfat and stay tuned for their first event on December 14.

Skull Kontrol Promo Video

The Muslims "Extinction" Promo Video

Milkfat Blog

Milkfat Films Website

IN RELATED NEWS: Skull Kontrol is this Thursday @ Live Wire in San Diego (always free) and The Muslims' play a house party (Front & Ivy, $5) on Saturday, also in San Diego. Thursday & Saturday. 11/29 & 12/1.

Monday, November 26, 2007

As If You Give A Care

I'm all like this is the current shit. (Actually, 4 of 5 are not at all current, but you get my drift.)

1. One Last Wish 1986 cd
2. The Marvelettes "All The Love I've Got" 45
3. The Fall "Couldn't Get Ahead b/w Rollin' Dany" 12"
4. The Muslims "Nightlife" song burned from new recording sessions cd
5. JJ Fad "Way Out" 12" (Fuck this song rules.)

Santa's Here A Little Early This Year

Shit boss, Skull Kontrol is this Thursday, and as always, at Live Wire. I put together a real holiday type flier for you and yours. Skull Kontrol will have a few surprises this week so come hear and enjoy! Plus Brandon's back from his big UK tour so it'll be hugs and love all over.

Punk // Rap // Noise // Records // Funnnnnn

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Skin Deep

Here is a slice of Madness-inspired pop from a very young Mick Whitnall. It's 1988, he was 20 years old, and the name of the band was Skin Deep. It takes a while for the actual song to kick off, wait about 30 seconds or so. And Mick is the one on the couch wearing braces and then the one playing guitar wearing a blazer. Eh. Noish.

Friday, November 23, 2007

2 Minutes 13 Seconds Of Perfect

The Marvelettes "Beachwood 4-5789"

Goes well with Void, right?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

VOID "Who Are You" 7/01/83

Overdubbed (A better listen.)

Undubbed (Hard to hear vocals, but cool...and brutal.)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Red C, Gray Matter, State Of Alert, Minor Threat, Rites Of Spring, Soulside, One Last Wish, The Monorchid, Iron Cross, Faith, Void, Slant 6, Teen Idles, Bad Brains & Nation Of Ulysses.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Let's Pillow Fight In The Nude, No Homo

Oh man oh man. I forgot about the "no homo" thing. Does everyone know about "no homo"?

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Big Dance Party This Wednesday

Big gigantic dance party is more like it, actually. Judging from how huge the NO KONTROL/Strange Boys night was on Friday at The Whistle Stop, this Wednesday should be bananas. Nobody works on Thursday too!! Something about giving thanks to Squanto. You see this Squanto dude taught all the pilgrims how to catch eel and grow corn and stuff. He also served as the pilgrims interpreter. Fuckin' Squanto. What a great kid. Anyways, now we get a big dance party on Wednesday!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Strange Boys From Austin Texas

'ello everybody good evening. This is your fireside chat for the night. I have an idea! Let's talk about The Strange Boys from Austin, Texas. They are a four piece twisted combo with loads of talent, songs and showmanship. They are currently in Southern California and have shows set up all week and weekend with the likes of NO AGE, The Prayers, Mika Miko, Jay Reatard and Part Time Punks. In San Diego they are booked with the fantastic Fantastic Magic at the NO KONTROL party this Friday at The Whistle Stop. DJs Me and Andrew Miller (of The Prayers) are all like dance party usa afterwards. It's free and 21+. It's also quite historic and rad.

The Strange Boys LIVE On Video

The Strange Boys' Myspace

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Carrots // New Favorite Band

A while back I set up a show for Finally Punk, an all girl punk band from Austin, Texas. I was excited to do it and it was a great night. They were super fun and great to hang out with.

Little did I know they had a secret and it was better than Finally Punk! Well, not better, that's not fair. Finally Punk are awesome. But holy shit you gotta meet The Carrots! It's 3/4 of Finally Punk with 3 more members totaling 6. They play pop music influenced by 60s girl groups. I was immediately sucked in to their songs. They perform in matching outfits and they're cute as fuck. Even the dudes in the band. You can't play this music and NOT be cute.

And Veronica's last name is Ortuno, which is one letter away from Orduno.

Pease check this here link for their Myspace

Monday, November 12, 2007


Last night's show at Cane's was fun. Everyone was in a good mood. There were dummies everywhere to make fun of. I perfectly missed the opening band and waited but a mere 15 minutes before M.I.A. started. The sound SUCKED. Paper Planes was meant to give me chills and instead I barely heard the melody. Just feedback and a drum machine. Such a shame. But whatever.

It's time to be mean. Why is it that people dress like they think they should for a particular show? You're telling me you REALLY wear turquoise and gold daily? You REALLY wear Golden Girls type action wear daily? You know, the kind that almost looks like paper. You REALLY wear fake gold around your neck, huge shades and ugly track outfits daily? I don't think you do, holmes, and you should be ashamed of yourself. You're not a star. Nobody wants your picture. Nobody wants a peek in your closet. You suck actually. You actually offer nothing to society. You read about people like M.I.A., not you dog. Just some shots from the dome. Keep on keepin' on though. Whatever floats your boat.

Anyway, I shot some photos of the crowd, and here are a few of my faves.

Skull Kontrol This Week

That's right peoples. Time to put your party hats on. This Thursday in beautiful sunny and (at times) chilly San Diego. Sure, sure, you can count on noisy ear hole cleaners, bassy butt rap, the sweetest in power pop, the obscurest of 45s, and more music you need in your life. You know what? I need to start posting set lists. That way you get what we're doing over here. It's very important, you know. Crucial. Ok, I'll think about it.

The Future Is Unwritten

And evidently Joe Strummer's past is BORING. Fuck me, man. Snooze ALERT. The Future Is Unwritten is so fucking boring I fell asleep during the "good" part. The Clash portion. I almost want everyone to see it so that I can get a little feedback.

Man oh man the preview made it look good. And directed by Julien Temple?? What the hell happened? I'll tell you what happened. Joe Strummer was a boring ass son of a gun that had an incredible voice and even more incredible lyrics.

Let me break down some notables.

Johnny Depp (??) interviewed in full pirate's regalia. Why Johnny Depp? And why in pirate's garb? You're really going to force me to watch those double chin braids dangle while trying to get a lil' info on The Clash?

Steve Buscemi, Anthony Kiedis, Martin Scorcese interviewed? Why? Fuck it, let's trot out Bill Cosby, Duane "Dog" Chapman and Paula Poundstone for their take on the dude.

Listen to me. STOP interviewing Bono for these films. PLEASE. I've had enough. Do you know he said the exact same thing in the Morrissey doc that he said in the New Order doc? How lame is that? He called both Ian Curtis and Morrissey "an orginal of the species". Fuck you Bono Vox.

Ok, biggest notable. No Paul Simenon. Says a lot if you ask me.

Here's your trailer, but don't be fooled, the trailer rules. The movie SUCKS.

For better examples of Julien Temple's good work see The Great Rock & Roll Swindle, The Filth And The Fury, The Babyshambles "Blinding" video, and the "God Save The Queen" promo video.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

New Jeremy Jay Video For Airwalker!!

Folks this video is HOURS old. As of this post, only 5 views. FRESH. I love it. I'm sure you will too. Unless you're totally shitty. Enjoy!

Jeremy Jay "Airwalker" K Records

Again, Jeremy Jay will be performing and celebrating the release of Airwalker tomorrow night at Solid Gold!. Located at the Tower Bar in San Diego.

Solid Gold! // Jeremy Jay (K Records) Record Release Party

Look how cute this flier looks all shrunk down.

I shouldn't do that to an original Orduno piece, though. All my works should be displayed in a large and robust fashion.

So this flier is for Solid Gold! coming up tomorrow night. You can NOT sleep on this my fine friends. Not only do you get Jeremy Jay's record release party for "Airwalker" out this week on K Records, but you get a soul N oldies dance party. Very special. After the quirky hip sounds of Jeremy Jay, a night of rare scorchers and stompin' classics. Obscure hard hitting 45s and the happy, familiar sounds of the likes of Motown and Stax. All SIXTIES. Sweaty ass loud FUN.

We'll also have giveaways from the legendary K Records including "Airwalker" by Jeremy Jay.

Solid Gold!
This Thursday 11/8 at The Tower Bar in San Diego
Jeremy Jay (K Records)
Soul records played by Sir Charles and Mario Orduno
9-2am (Don't be a fool, it starts EARLY)

Here's a chance to be one of 20 fools to get in for free. Send the Solid Gold! Myspace a song request with your full name as the subject line. The first 40 will get on the guest list. We will respond to you and confirm you've got on.

Other than that, we're done here. Check out our beloved Jeremy Jay .

Daft Cunts

Soooooooooooooooo. Saw Control tonight. It was good. 4/5. Grade A. Every shot looked cool as know what? Enough with the cussing. Every shot was cool as heck. Anton Corbijn did an great job. It LOOKED so good. But it wasn't just about the look. The musical performances were perfect too. Whether it be the live stuff or the studio recording footage. "What's his face" WAS Ian Curtis. I can say that because ol' Ian was a very close and personal friend of mine. Oh the days. We'd throw on our pea coats and just skip down the boulevard to the local pub. But I digress.

So, whatever, go see it because I liked it. I'm now very fearful of the Germs movie, What We Do Is Secret. What a crime. Damn it looks stupid. It looks like a teen movie. Bijou Phillips as Lorna Doom? So sad.

Hey!! Let's compare the trailers for some Skull Kontrol BLOG fun!


What We Do Is Secret

Talk amongst yourselves. And don't start no debate on whether Darby Crash and The Germs were lamer than Ian Curtis and Joy Division. Blah blah blah. Who cares? The Germs come from waves and sun, and Joy Division come from grey skies and rain. Both are great. I'm talking about the treatment of the stories based on these here movies/trailers.

Again, tonight's movie, Control was great.

Control Director Anton Corbijn's Website

Monday, November 5, 2007

To Please The MASSES

Haven't written anything since last Thursday. BUSSSSY. Will write some tomorrow. Anyway, this was recorded 40 years ago in Germany. It's perfect. Arthur Conley's the man. Discovered by Otis Redding.


Thursday, November 1, 2007