Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Welcome Milkfat Films!!

Miklfat Films is officially launched this week. I've been waiting MONTHS for this. Milkfat is a collective of some very good friends of ours along with some strangers. A talented group of ladies and gentlemen of film, they are based in New York, Los Angeles and Malta. Along with film work and a newly launched blog, they will also be setting up events, including a launch party on December 14 in LA. Check their website for newly completed music videos and short films. Below are two newly released promos for the Skull Kontrol club in San Diego's Live Wire bar and The Muslims' "Extinction" single respectively. There's also a Prayers video coming soon, but is being held back for an exclusive release by the new and soon to be huge RCRD LBL website. Plan on tons of collaborations between the Mlkfat, Art Fag and Skull Kontrol families. So welcome Milkfat and stay tuned for their first event on December 14.

Skull Kontrol Promo Video

The Muslims "Extinction" Promo Video

Milkfat Blog

Milkfat Films Website

IN RELATED NEWS: Skull Kontrol is this Thursday @ Live Wire in San Diego (always free) and The Muslims' play a house party (Front & Ivy, $5) on Saturday, also in San Diego. Thursday & Saturday. 11/29 & 12/1.

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sister christin said...

glad to see my VHS camera footage turned out as a-fuckin-mazing as felipeepee said.


and glad to see the mic with extremely long cable is still alive and well.