Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Rock Goggle Fantasy is back. Maybe?

You're probably asking yourself who or what the fuck I'm talking about? Rock Goggle Fantasy was a band from Manhattan Beach who ended a few years ago and who played San Diego only a handful of times, and each time to only a handful of people. My old band, however, had the benefit of meeting them early on in both our "careers" (haha) and we ended up being able to play lots of shows together and even did a bit of touring. They were totally fun cats, and when they were around, stood head and shoulders above any other punk band in California. Listen for yourself; I always thought they sounded like Red Cross fronted by Chris Thomson. And they "smoked" live. (Not as in They smoked cigarettes on stage while they played, but rather, They were fucking good.)
Anyway, I ran into the whole band a few weekends ago and they said they're practicing again. Hopefully that means more shows can't be far away. They were tragically ignored in San Diego the first time around; maybe this time it'll be different.

Listen to the song "Tootsie Roll Pop Art".
Rock Goggle Fantasy's Myspace

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