Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Best Fwends

I saw them in August at Fuck Yeah Fest in LA. To be frank I wasn't in the mood. I didn't give a flying fuck. No offense to them at all I was just in my own irritated zone. Plus I had just eaten a real nice sandwich and would have preferred to be sitting somewheres comfortable and quiet. You have to eat at Masa right outside the Echo in LA. You'll know what I mean and understand how Best Fwends might not have been the musica de choice for me at the time.

Anyways, guess what!!! I'm in the mood now. And I really like this song. It's obnoxious and catchy at the same time. The album came out this year, this 7" came out last year. Album's called Alphabetically Arranged, the 7" is called EP 2. Song's called Skate Or Live.

They're on Moshi Moshi Records from The UK. No links. Too sleeeeeeepy. Link your own shit holmes. And these fools is on Myspace too, so peep that shit. Night.

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