Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Lover's Special - 2/14


That's right seeee, come down to The Casbah yeah. Celebrate the fact that you gotta honey...or grab one there!! Orrrr, just get super faded.

Os Mutantes Debut Record Rereleased

Os Mutantes has just reissued their self titled debut on the Lilith label. On vinyl and cd. It's an amazing record, AND the original is rare as fuck and EXPENSIVE. For an introduction into Tropicalia, its a must. Tropicalia, of course is the 60s genre that blended Brazilian pop with the psychadelic sound. The video below is for the lead track, Panis Et Circenses. Probably my favorite song on the album. But there are no turkeys on the entire album.

These fools are back together...kinda. The original singer Rita Lee left the band in 1972 and did not return for the reunion. The Muslims and I went tried to check them out in San Francisco last year and missed them. But there were HUNDREDS of people there!

Anyway, the period fronm 66-72 are the best.

p.s. Dogs, if you're making a mixtape/cd for your lady, add "Baby" from this debut record. It might just be the clincher you've been looking for your in your relationship. Or maybe you guys will just F.

Skull Kontrol Tonight - Free Ear Cleanings

Tonight is Skull Kontrol @ Live Wire. Wash your ears of all the muck and have fun to boot. Ladies in free!! Guys too. Even dogs actually.

The Muslims
Sham 69
J.J. Fadd
Os Mutantes
Ghostface Killah
The Who
Das Oath
The Vaselines
Black Flag
Mika Miko
The Smiths
The Fall
Rough Trade
Kill Rock Stars
The Prayers
Jarvis Cocker
The Undertones
The Powerchords
G.G. Allin
LCD Soundsystem

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lo Boob Oscillator

This song is perfect. How come nobody listens to Stereolab anymore? I saw them once in San Diego, but it was at a horrible venue. They played awesomely, though, and I really want to see them again. 60s pop, French pop and krautrock mixed beautifully. They have ten lps and a multitude of collections. I suggest all of them, but the mid 90s ones are probably my favorite. Anyway, back to the song. Listen.

Lo Boob Oscillator by Sterolab

Ska Band Names

I love how third wave ska bands used the word "ska" in their band names. I mean that it was so awful it made for a good laugh. For some reason I can't think of many right now and I think I need some help. Don't get me wrong though, the two I can remember are fuggin' HUMDINGERS.

Skabba The Hutt

Carne Askada

How GOOD are those?

So anyways, if one of you bored readers can leave a comment so I can list these gems, it would be most appreciated. It's interactive blogging. This is OUR blog people. Togetherness.



Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fliers For This Coming Thursday And Friday

This fine gem below is for this Thursday's Skull Kontrol @ Live Wire. Ass and Crass. It kinda defines the style of records at Skull Kontrol. We welcome all ladies and decent gents. And it's free/fun. The two important F's.

Oh man oh man. The very next night we welcome NYC's Langhorne Slim. We're putting on his show at Beauty Bar. San Diego's Silverbird opens and immediately after bands will be a gnarly dance party. Post punk, 60s, rap, soul, brit pop and more. Dancefloor anarchy. Find the link I posted a few blogs back and check Langhorne out. Cinco dolares.

So if you're in San Diego Thursday and Friday, you know where you can let your hair down, cuss up a storm and drink like a fishy. AND hear cool music for extra added bonus.

Happy Belated Birthday Rakim

Holy cow. Rakim is 40!?!!? As of yesterday he is. That means he was 19 when he was making some of the most important hip hop records of all time. In my opinion there is no better m.c. than Rakim. Biggie is as good, but not better.

Eric B. & Rakim were kings of the golden age of hip hop. Along with Public Enemy and EPMD they owned the east coast rap scene.

Unfortunately Eric B. was shot and killed in a botched robbery, so we'll never see a reunion, and Rakim's records just aren't the same with out him. The five years (1987-1992) they were together,though, they made many perfect hard hitting rap records. If I were you I would go back and listen to the singles. Casualties Of War, Eric B. Is President, Don't Sweat The Technique, Follow The Leader, Lyrics Of Fury and this one linked below. The single was recorded for the Juice soundtrack and it's my favorite of their records.

Lastly, it interesting to read Casualties Of War's lyrics, and see how they fit in perfectly with our current war. Different Bush, same soldiers, same Iraq and same digust. Read them here.

Eric B. & Rakim "Juice (Know The Ledge" video

Eric B. & Rakim interview video

Monday, January 28, 2008

Mitt Romney Loves Those Dang Cubans

What is it with this guy? He goes and hangs out with the blacks, and mutters, "Who let the dogs out? Woot woot.". THEN, he goes to a heavily populated Cuban community in Florida and wears a guayabera? None of these things are evil or anything, but I just think he's clueless. I also think it's insulting that he would think he could win minorities over by using a phrase or wearing a shirt. He has got to be the worst candidate left on the GOP side of just the worst of the candidates running, PERIOD.

Don't get me wrong, though. I'm thoroughly enjoying this and can't wait for his next race sensitive move.

Back 2 Back Bullcrap For You And Yours.

This is a big ol' god damned week. We got two back 2 back offerings.

Thursday night is Skull Kontrol @ Live Wire. If it's anything like last time, it will be both bonkers AND bananas. The last one was our biggest of all time. Or close to it at least. Anyways. It's free and noisy.

Friday night we're hosting a show by New York's Langhorne Slim. Silverbird opens and after the show will be a dance party like none other. Post punk, soul, rap, 60s, brit pop and more. Dancefloor ANARCHY. $5 @ Beauty Bar.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Wipers

One of the bands on the Kurt Cobain list below is The Wipers. The Wipers were a Portland punk band formed in 1977. Greg Sage was their songwriter and singer. Sage was known for his d.i.y and punk ethics, recording their records, releasing their debut lp and refusing to do interviews. The Wipers HEAVILY influenced Nirvana and the whole Northwestern underground indie scene, really. The first three records are the best and you can get them in a 3 cd set, I suggest you do. Also, you can get the debut, Is This Real? lp reissued on gorgeous heavy vinyl.

Check this God damned Wipers song on Youtube.

One of my favorite songs, "Tragedy" is on their Myspace, check it.

The Wipers Myspace profile


Ah, to be young, rich and competely bonkers on copius amounts of ecstacy and crack (percussion instruments included). Now, you may think that I am completely out of my tree for what I am about to say but this video down below gives me goosebumps, it is my favourite Monday's song and it is so utterly freaky upon first viewing, if you are not up to snuff on what the Happy Mondays were all about, you'd think that this was a goof video of a bunch of degenerates bum rushing Rock In Rio, but no, that is the Mondays in all their smacked out glory, oh!, and (2) Rowetta, the black singer, is beautiful, she turns me on, just look at that fanny. Enjoy please.------------>

Friday, January 25, 2008

Kurt Cobain Top 50 Records

I think Kurt Cobain might have been a drag to chill with, but to listen to records together, him and I would have gotten along famously. I forgot about this list for a while. It's Kurt's Top 50 albums list. So many great records are on it. And so many of MY favorites. I most definitely would have chosen some different albums by the artists though. Like Green by R.E.M.? No holmes, Reckoning. So let's take a gander at this list shall we?

50. Raping a Slave - Swans...I don't like the Swans.

49. Mazzy Star - Mazzy Star...I love what's her face. Both lps and the Jesus And Mary Chain duet.

48. Over the Edge - Wipers...Perfect.

47. Youth of America - Wipers...Perfect!

46. Is This Real? - Wipers...Alright already.

45. The Man Who Sold the World - David Bowie...I prefer Aladdin Sane, Lodger and Low.

44. Beach Party - Marine Girls...Fuck I wish I had a record by them. I'd kill for one.

43. Takes a Nation of Millions - Public Enemy...I'd have a hard time picking between this and Fear Of A Black Planet.

42. Flowers of Romance - Pil...Brave choice, but I'll take Second Edition.

41. The Record - Fear...Not a big Fear fan. Some songs I guess. Singer kinda blows.

40. Damaged - Black Flag...I love it, sure. But I think I'd pick all four singers before Hank any day. But I get it. This album is borderline perfect.

39. Locust Abortion Technician - Butthole Surfers...Prepare to crucify me. I don't dig The Buttholes that much. Definitely nowhere NEAR my Top 50.

38. We are those who Ache Amorous Love...I don't know and I don't care.

37. Meet the Beatles - Beatles...All early and mid era Beatles could go on here. Just so ya know my fave is Beatles For Sale. Oh my favorite songs? Paul's "I've Just Seen A Face", John's "Across The Universe" and's too hard.

36. Generic Flipper - Flipper...Again, I'd KILL for this record. Ha Ha Ha is my jam though, and that was just a single.

35. Yip Jump Music - Daniel Johnston...Love it. Casper The Friendly good.

34. Superfuzz Bigmuff - Mudhoney...Wouldn't come closs to MY 50, but I get it.

33. Last Sessions Vol 1 - Leadbelly...Sure, sure. The blues and stuff.

32. Tales of Terror - Tales of Terror...I don't know this. I'll check it.

31. Jamboree - Beat Happening...I love all things K Records and all things Rough Trade Records. This was on BOTH.

30. Rites of Spring - Rites of Spring...Don't even get me started. In maybe my top 25.

29. Void/Faith EP - Void/Faith...ditto ditto ditto number 30. Fucking so fucking perfect. Who are you, why am I here?!?!?!?

28. Combat Rock - Clash...Eh..NO WAY JOSE. Are you serious Kurt dog? Why not toss the Cut The Crap lp in for good measure? Anyway, it's all the records BEFORE Combat Rock that would go on here.

27. Typical Girls - Slits..I'd just put Cut but he was probably trying to be cool and weird.

26. Burning Farm Cassette - Shonen Knife...I REALLY don't like Shonen Knife.

25. Green - R.E.M....Reckoning, homer.

24. What is This? - Punk Comp California...?

23. Rocks - Aerosmith...I don't want to close my eyyyyyyyes, I don't want to fall asleep, cuz I miss you babe, and I don't want to miss a tha-ang.

22. Colossal Youth - Young Marble Giants...God BLESS it this record is perfect.

21. Raincoats LP - Raincoats...Would KILLLLLLLLLLLL.

20. Anything by: - Kleenex...Yes, yes, I agree.

19. Know Your Product - The Saints...I would just out the whole record, Eternally Yours.

18. Get the Knack - The Knack...Hate The Knack

17. Daydream Nation - Sonic Youth...Or Sister, Or Experimental Jet Set.

16. Dry - P.J. Harvey...Eh. Whatever. Ok. It's just not on my top 250 is all.

15. It's only Right and Natural - Frogs...I don't know about these fools. I'd have to REALLY give them another look.

14. Nevermind the Bollocks - Sex Pistols...No derrrrr.

13. Entertainment - Gang of Four...Ditto.

12. Rock for Light - Bad Brains...No! Self titled!! Pay To Cum and all those jams.

11. My War - Black Flag...We already addressed this situation.

10. Pee Pee the Sailor - Butthole Surfers...We already addressed this situation.

09. 1st EP - Saccharin Trust...I don't give a FUCK about this record.

08. 1st EP - Scratch Acid...Wouldn't make MY top 50, but this is good.

07. Millions of Dead Cops - M.D.C....ok.

06. Land Shark - Fang...Suck And Fuck and Skinheads Smoke Dope are my jams.

05. Philosophy of the World - Shaggs..Whatever weirdo. This shit is awful and that's aimed at you too, Jack White. Fucking bozo.

04. Pink EP - The Vaselines...EVERYTHING Vaselines.

03. POD - Breeders...wtvr.

02. Surfer Rosa - The Pixies...double wtvr.

01. Raw Power - The Stooges...Agreed.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Thursday Night Is Going To Be The WORST

Since there is no Skull Kontrol party this Thursday, I urge one and all in San Diego to not miss this atrocity. Sure, first there was Adolf Hitler, Osama Bin Ladin and even the radical anti-American Shiite cleric Sheik Muqtada al-Sadr, but NOW we gotta deal with Dimitri Dickenson, Mark Smith and Daniel Sant. Oh brother.

The most talented display of awful records around. Seriously though, I can't tell you how much fun I've had at this night every month. If you can not laugh you can get your money back.

Here's my requests:

Adina Howard "Freak Like Me",

Backstreet Boys "I Want It That Way"

Not sure of the title, but the song by Barenaked Ladies that has the quote, "Chickitta China, the Chinese chicken."

Alright. GO!! It's FREEEEEEEE.

Mitt Romney Chooses Ebonics As A Way To Garner Votes On MLK Day

Soooooooooooo. Mitt Romney. On Martin Luther King Day, in Florida, at an event honoring MLK, Mr. Romney chose to come out for some photo ops. He selects a nice group of black youth and instead of "cheese", says, "Who let the dog's out, WOOT WOOT.".

Unbelievable? Watch.

Later at this same event, he shakes an African American toddler's hand and says, "What's happenin', you got some BLING BLING here too.". You can find a 2:48 version of this on Youtube with those two snippets and more.

I'm not saying he's a racist....I'm just sayin' he's got an odd way to communicate with black youth. It's just funny how clueless this fool is. Who let the dog's out. C'MON. He's lucky he didn't get 187'd.

Monday, January 21, 2008

A Baby Sampling Of Some Upcoming Caca

This Saturday: Look at the blog below.

Next Thursday 01/31/08: Skull Kontrol @ Live Wire. DJs Sir Charles and Mario Orduno. N.W.A, S.O.A, VMW, EPMD, M.I.A., B.I.G., UGK.

Next Friday 02/01/08: Langhorne Slim LIVE(NYC), Silverbird LIVE (SD), DJs Mario Orduno, Sir Charles and Brandon Welchez @ The Beauty Bar SD. 21+. $5. 9-2am.

Thursday 02/07/08: Skull Kontrol @ Live Wire. DJs Mario Orduno and Brandon Welchez. Delta 5, Sham 69, Gang Of Four, Three 6 Mafia, Jackson 5, Four Tops, 311 (tricks!!).

Thursday 02/14/08: Fucking God Damned Valentine's Day. A Lover's Special @ The Casbah. Grand Ole Party, The Prayers, Fantastic Magic, DJs Mario Orduno, Sir Charles and Brandon Welchez. Bands play earlier than usual and dance party immediately after. Slow jams between bands so you can get frisky with that special someone or feel super sad cuz you ain't got one. Oh, and I think we're going to have couples poloroids taken and for sale. Admission price unknown. 21+. 8:00pm.

Booty Bassment This Saturday With A Special Performance By The Prayers And Magic Bullets

Other than our very own Skull Kontrol night here in San Diego, I think Booty Bassment is the only club type thing worth going to. Dimitri and Ikah put together a nice operation. What other operation offers a butt shake contest? Anyway, this Saturday, there won't be a butt shake showdown, but there will be a bonus. The Prayers and San Francisco's Magic Bullets are playing to open the night. From 9:00 to 10:30. You can check out MBs on their Myspace below, cuz I don't feel like talking about it.

It's 5 dollars, it's at The Whistle Stop, It's Saturday, it's 21+, it starts at NINE SHARP.

Magic Bullets Myspace

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Skull Kontrol @ Live Wire TONIGHT!!

So many new records for tonight. I have goosebumps just thinking about it. So put your Thursday best on and come out to the god damned Live Wire, it won't be something to miss. I mean it's everyone's favorite, you know. It's free too.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Chords

Have you heard of The Chords? They were a great mod revival band from late 70s, early 80s. They were SO good, but unfortunately were overshadowed by The Jam. They sounded extremely similar, some even accusing them being a ripoff, but it's just not true. Both bands shared the same influences and the same scene. They released one album, Maybe Tomorrow and a handful of singles before firing their frontman Billy Hassett and eventually disbanding. If you love the sound of the Jam, find Maybe Tomorrow, and it's almost like having a lost album. The out of print lp goes for 50-60 bucks and the cd I believe is sadly out of print as well.

Hear these great songs on the Youtube links below.

The Chords - Now It's Gone 1979

The Chords - Maybe Tomorrow 1980

One of my favorite bands playing one of my favorite singer's songs.

Eh. Noish.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Television The Drug Of A Nation

So I spent some time on ye olde tube tonight. Actually quite a bit of time. I keep it on while I'm working on the computer sometimes in place of music. And tonight I logged me some hours.

Here's what I "learned", in no particular order.

Republicans are fucked (3 primaries, 3 winners...kinda rules.)

Going green with Ethanol is raising beer prices up. So listen to this. Since Ethanol is all the rage now and it's made from corn, farmers are jumping on the bandwagon and growing more corn than barley and hops. In turn, hops and barley are decreasing in availability and therefore INCREASING in demand and price. Some prices for hops have risen 300%! By the time it hits the streets, wholesale kegs for bars will be 5 dollars more and up to a dollar more for a god damned six pack at the Kwik Stop.

Dude. Celebrity Rehab was crrrrrrrrrrazy. What the fuck. I couldn't believe my eyes and ears. I couldn't stop watching. I scrambled to get stuff done on commercial breaks. You have to see this. Ok, China , from WWF, is disgusting. She looks so gross. All greasy. Listen here Mr. China, you are NOT a gal. Ok, Shifty Shellshock!! I NEVER thought I'd see this fool again. He's all smoking crack before he goes in...on camera. And then he takes two Red Stripes into rehab!! Haha. Ladies, he's still super hot in a beachy, tool like, totally buff, bad mohawk and tattoo kind of way. Do you remember the ugly guy from Grease and TAXI? Jeff Conaway? This guy. This once proud, yet extremely ugly man has reduced himself to mush. He's a crying, helpless piece of embarrassing shit. A broken and worthless man. He shows up all high on the heroin or whatever. And a lil' Jack to wash it down with. The funny thing is I only watched about 15 minutes. I had to do some shit, so I missed like 45 minutes of GOLD and I'm STILL hooked.

Lastly, a 10 year old hasidic jew was raped by his 14 year old classmate, prison style, on Law & Order SUV. Eh NOISHE.

I Don't Expect Anyone To Like This

George Pringle from London. I like it. She makes music on her mac and then rants to it. The "songs" are more like monologues set to glitchy beats. She was influenced by the lyrics in "Losing My Edge", by LCD Soundsystem. You should read them. But back to Georgina. I don't think this will get past trendy status, but for now I enjoy it. Watch.

This isn't my favorite song. You can hear THAT on her Myspace profile, though. It's called, "I'm Very Scared, Buster. Yes, At Last.". It is really good, and has more of song feel than her other, er, songs. There's also a link to download it for free. Click below.

George Pringle Myspace

Her blog is linked below too. It might turn you off though. It's TONS of pictures of herself and her friends. But you know what? SHe's kind of a babe so who care?. Anyways.

George Pringle's Blog

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Record Shopping

Last week I went on a road trip to the Bay area with The Prayers, The Muslims and The Sess. We put on a club at The Knockout, and they played a couple shows in Oakland and Berkeley before The Prayers and myself came home and the others continued north for more shows. One thing I love to do in San Francisco is record shop. Not only is my favorite record store, Rooky Ricardo's there, but I've always thought the Amoeba on Haight is the best of the three. SO aaaaaanyways, I thought I'd post the few records I came home with. As few as they are, I'm quite happy about them.

The first record I bought was a 45 by Skeeter Davis called, "I Can't Stay Mad At You". It's the catchiest verse and chorus. I could hear this song ten times in a row.

During the same visit to Rooky's I got this god damned perfect song by Millie Small, "My Boy Lollipop". It's equal parts girl groups and ska. This one was another 45 record. Here's a live version. If you want, you can find the studio recording on Youtube as well.

This next one I'd been looking for for awhile. Ice-T's "99 Problems". The chorus for this 1993 song was borrowed by Jay-Z for his hit. This particular 12 inch is about how many hoes Ice-T has (Don't curse the messenger, I'm just reviewing here.). It also features Brother Marquis of 2 Live Crew, so you can figure how nasty it is.

At Amoeba, I got a 45 by The Clash called "Hitsville UK". It's one of my favorite Clash songs. I already had it, but fuck it, it was only 2 bucks. I like that a girl sings this song, with Mick Jones singing only back up. You'll like it too, I'm sure. Oh, and the girl's name is Ellen Foley and her solo material sucks. I already checked.

And lastly, my favorite record from the trip. I've been looking for this for a while, the Flex Your Head comp. This record came out in 1982 on Dischord. It has two of my favorite hardcore songs of all time, "Nic Fit" by Untouchables and "Pressure's On" by Red C. You can hear the latter here . And here's what the cover looks like below.

So there you go, that's how I came up.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

San Francisco Start Listening

If you are in San Francisco, this must be a priority for you. It's at The Knockout, which is my favorite bar in San Francisco. Look for all the worst songs EVER being played nice and loud. Maybe some fuggin' Backstreet Boys for that ass. Maybe a lil' god damned Skee Lo? "I Wish I Was A Little Bit Taller"? Maybe? Anyway, go.

Skull Kontrol Is This Thursday In San Diego

Yo man. Welcome to 2008. Don't get your hopes up.