Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Wipers

One of the bands on the Kurt Cobain list below is The Wipers. The Wipers were a Portland punk band formed in 1977. Greg Sage was their songwriter and singer. Sage was known for his d.i.y and punk ethics, recording their records, releasing their debut lp and refusing to do interviews. The Wipers HEAVILY influenced Nirvana and the whole Northwestern underground indie scene, really. The first three records are the best and you can get them in a 3 cd set, I suggest you do. Also, you can get the debut, Is This Real? lp reissued on gorgeous heavy vinyl.

Check this God damned Wipers song on Youtube.

One of my favorite songs, "Tragedy" is on their Myspace, check it.

The Wipers Myspace profile

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Rosemary said...

Brad Davidson, who played bass after the original bassist left the band, has been living in SD for a while now and has been working on a project with various San Diego musicians. Everytime I ask about it, they've scrapped their recordings and started over, but I saw him last month and he thinks he should have material for an EP this spring.