Thursday, January 31, 2008

Os Mutantes Debut Record Rereleased

Os Mutantes has just reissued their self titled debut on the Lilith label. On vinyl and cd. It's an amazing record, AND the original is rare as fuck and EXPENSIVE. For an introduction into Tropicalia, its a must. Tropicalia, of course is the 60s genre that blended Brazilian pop with the psychadelic sound. The video below is for the lead track, Panis Et Circenses. Probably my favorite song on the album. But there are no turkeys on the entire album.

These fools are back together...kinda. The original singer Rita Lee left the band in 1972 and did not return for the reunion. The Muslims and I went tried to check them out in San Francisco last year and missed them. But there were HUNDREDS of people there!

Anyway, the period fronm 66-72 are the best.

p.s. Dogs, if you're making a mixtape/cd for your lady, add "Baby" from this debut record. It might just be the clincher you've been looking for your in your relationship. Or maybe you guys will just F.

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meg said...

haha, (lables: F-ing you boo) hahaha