Sunday, January 13, 2008

Record Shopping

Last week I went on a road trip to the Bay area with The Prayers, The Muslims and The Sess. We put on a club at The Knockout, and they played a couple shows in Oakland and Berkeley before The Prayers and myself came home and the others continued north for more shows. One thing I love to do in San Francisco is record shop. Not only is my favorite record store, Rooky Ricardo's there, but I've always thought the Amoeba on Haight is the best of the three. SO aaaaaanyways, I thought I'd post the few records I came home with. As few as they are, I'm quite happy about them.

The first record I bought was a 45 by Skeeter Davis called, "I Can't Stay Mad At You". It's the catchiest verse and chorus. I could hear this song ten times in a row.

During the same visit to Rooky's I got this god damned perfect song by Millie Small, "My Boy Lollipop". It's equal parts girl groups and ska. This one was another 45 record. Here's a live version. If you want, you can find the studio recording on Youtube as well.

This next one I'd been looking for for awhile. Ice-T's "99 Problems". The chorus for this 1993 song was borrowed by Jay-Z for his hit. This particular 12 inch is about how many hoes Ice-T has (Don't curse the messenger, I'm just reviewing here.). It also features Brother Marquis of 2 Live Crew, so you can figure how nasty it is.

At Amoeba, I got a 45 by The Clash called "Hitsville UK". It's one of my favorite Clash songs. I already had it, but fuck it, it was only 2 bucks. I like that a girl sings this song, with Mick Jones singing only back up. You'll like it too, I'm sure. Oh, and the girl's name is Ellen Foley and her solo material sucks. I already checked.

And lastly, my favorite record from the trip. I've been looking for this for a while, the Flex Your Head comp. This record came out in 1982 on Dischord. It has two of my favorite hardcore songs of all time, "Nic Fit" by Untouchables and "Pressure's On" by Red C. You can hear the latter here . And here's what the cover looks like below.

So there you go, that's how I came up.


futurewolf said...

You are a nerd and a half Orduno.

Mario Orduno said...

Really?! Fuck.