Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I Don't Expect Anyone To Like This

George Pringle from London. I like it. She makes music on her mac and then rants to it. The "songs" are more like monologues set to glitchy beats. She was influenced by the lyrics in "Losing My Edge", by LCD Soundsystem. You should read them. But back to Georgina. I don't think this will get past trendy status, but for now I enjoy it. Watch.

This isn't my favorite song. You can hear THAT on her Myspace profile, though. It's called, "I'm Very Scared, Buster. Yes, At Last.". It is really good, and has more of song feel than her other, er, songs. There's also a link to download it for free. Click below.

George Pringle Myspace

Her blog is linked below too. It might turn you off though. It's TONS of pictures of herself and her friends. But you know what? SHe's kind of a babe so who care?. Anyways.

George Pringle's Blog

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