Monday, March 30, 2009



What a beautifiul mess! I've recently fallen in love with WETDOG, the three piece lo-fi punx from London. Slits-ish vocals and Fall style noise magic. These are addictive songs. They have a record on on Angular (UK) which is soon to be re-released in he US of A. They're recording a new record now and hopefully there will be more and more and more. So give a listen. Below I've posted three gems. They're all on the brilliant 'Enterprise reversal' lp. WETDOG!


Wet Dog - Alibi
Wet Dog - 8 Days
Wet Dog - Zah Und Zaheet

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bonus Tracks : Mo-dettes & Quix*O*Tic

In the past I've written about two of my favorites. Mo-dettes (most recently) and all of Christina Billotte's bands (about a year ago) like Slant 6, Quix*O*Tic and Casual Dots. I thought I'd upload for your enjoyment two of my favorite jams that I'm pretty sure you won't find on the interweb. And if you can cool, whatever.


So 'Tonight' by Mo-dettes is a bonus track from the cd remaster and rerelease from Cherry Red. It was originally an A-side from a 1981 single. It's shockingly good. The back up vocals? Ehhhh, PERFECT. The french lyrics? ALWAYS PERFECT. So jam on this please:

Mo-dettes - 'Tonight'


Secondy, I offer the ridiculously good first song off the first record by Quix-O-Tic. Song is called 'Make All The Ghoul Girls Cry', the LP is called 'Night For Day'. This is the best of the best of the best. Weird post punker, almost surfy slowed down Cramps guitar, haunting vocals and piles and piles of melodies. And weirdo lyrics that I bet you can't figure out. Listen.

Quix*O*Tic - 'Make AllThe Ghoul Girls Cry'

So basically I'm rehashing old bloggingz but I just got these songs on cd and I wanted to share. Aight?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ja Ja Ja - I Am An Animal 1982


Sheez this song is ridiculously good. 'I Am An Animal' by Ja Ja Ja. 1982, Germany. There's not much available to read about these fools. They released this song as a single and on their lp through a label called Ata Tak. What I do know is that it's fun, funky, cute, cool and special as fuck. They also have a really cool song called 'Katz Rap' on the GIRLZ comp released a few years back on Crippled Dick...again out of Germany. Those f'n special ass krauts...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Homosexuals Are Back With A New Record And Tour


What a cool time to be a Homosexuals fan. Not only are the legendary UK/NYC post punkers back and touring again, but they have a fantastic new ten inch record, 'Love Guns?'. Seriously, it's good. Like band leader Bruno Wizard never missed a beat type good. If that isn't enough, it was just announced that Mike from Captured Tracks/Blank Dogs is teaming up with In The Red to reissue all the good early stuff on vinyl. All the classics. Astral Glamour. Hearts In Exile. And MORE. And you know you can always get the bad ass 3 cd set of all the early music, Astral Glamour. It's not expensive and comes with all kinds of visual goodies.

So check the Myspace link below, or their website, also linked below, and find where they'll be in yr city (there aren't that many U.S. dates!!). If you're in San Diego just stay here. They'll be playing this Friday with Kill Me Tomorow and The Anasazis at The Soda Bar. Yours truly will be blasting records. Don't be a fool and miss the magic. And speaking of magic, Kill Me Tomorrow played a new song over the weekend that was so good and I can't get it out of my head!


Listen to more songs on their Myspace thing.

The Homosexuals Myspace

The Homosexuals Website

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Mika Miko LP Out May 4


Pretty excited about this lp. Pitchfork posted an mp3 (which I've linked below) and it rules. The new lp will be out on PPM on May 4 and it's called We Be Xuxa. There's a big ol' record release party on May 9 at The Smell. Soft Pack are playing and I'll be playing records heavily dominated by Oi! shit. C-ya there maybe.


Link thy ass to the new tune.

I Got A Lot (New New New)

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Undertones 79/80 / FUN

Is it me or do these fools get overlooked? Do you sometimes just want to feel kinda good and like enjoy yourself? Oh. Than listen to The Undertones. Northern Ireland's greatest. '79/'80. The most feel goody power pop punker band ever. With seriously good songs. Like Squeeze/Beatles/Buzzcocks type catchy you know what i'm saying? Of course you do. It's ok to have fun. There are two records in their catalog that are classics. The first two, 'The Undertones' and 'Hypnotised'. Get 'em. Here's some live footage. It's like perfect or whatever.

Schoolly D 1986

Anybody listen to the Questlove interview today on NPR? It wasn't new or nothin' but it was damn good. In it he spoke of his Philadelphia background and the two major contributions to rap his city's made. One being the four pioneering djs, DJ Cash Money, Jazzy Jeff, DJ Miz and DJ Cheese (?) , and arguably the first 'gangsta rapper' (along with LA's Ice-T), Schoolly D. Schooly D was the SHIT. Preposterously ignored and unsung. Schoolly D used all the four letter words before anybody and rapped about coke. Fuck it. Here's an awesome clip filmed for Dutch television in 1986. Live and short interview. PRICELESS CLIP.

By the way, Questlove was on NPR because of the new Roots gig on The Late Show With Jimmy Fallon. I can't really wrap my head around that. They're good and all on it but is it a good move? I mean the shows that I've seen of the few aired so far have really sucked. Painfully sucked. I hope they don't water they're own ass down. Anyway.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Mo-Dettes - The Story So Far 1980


One of my favorite albums of all time and greatest vinyl finds personally is the album 'The Story So Far' by The Mo-Dettes. Founded by Kate Korus (original Slit, short time Raincoat), the four piece made perfect post punk pop between 1979 and 1982. And you can dance to every song...if you do that sorta thing (I don't). They only released one lp and a couple singles. All perfect. These songs have been lost for a long time but Cherry Red recently remastered the album and released on CD with 5 bonus tracks. YES.

Take a peak at the sadly short video below and see what I mean. Also, their Myspace has some songs including one of my favorites, 'Satisfy'.

And lastly here's a fun fact. Evidently, the Dolly Mixture song, 'How Come Your Such A Hit With The Boys Jane?' was about Jane Crockford, bass player of The Mo-Dettes. Whoa!! Meaaan.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Dolly Mixture 1978-84


The other day my pal and fellow San Diegan, Mark Lewis gave me a cd burn of the Dolly Mixture 2xLP 'Demonstration Tapes'. The super duper rare self released holy grail. Needless to say it f'n rules. 27 songs of female fronted post punker pop magic. These fools were wonderful. U know that song 'Wot' by The Damned's Captain Sensible? That was Dolly Mixture on vocals too!! But fuck that. Their music is supreme independent of that. Umm take a peek at this vid for 'Been Teen' if you don't believe me.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Big Black 'The Model'

The other night, at Too Many Creeps, Charles played Das Model by Kraftwerk. It reminded me of how much I loved the cover by Big Black. It's from 1987's 'Songs About Fucking'. So I thought I'd share a live version. Somebody should do a band like this nowadays...with drum machines, noisy guitars, tuff basslines and keyboards. ;oD

More Dum Dum Girls News / Buy Exclusive Seven Inches


If you aren't part of Hozac's cool seven inch club you're kinda fucked. Cuz you missed out on the new Dum Dum Girls "Longhair" seven inch. Oh wait you have one more chance!! Dee Dee's got a few left to buy HERE. Go ahead, say hi to Dee Dee and buy one. But hurry they're almost gone!!

New Dum Dums Song / Video (Duet W/ Brandon Welchez Of Crocodiles)

'Blank Girl' is the song. Look for it on a record sometime maybe soon maybe not. Enjoy it this way in the meantime bud.

Nights We Have Set Up In San Diego / Mark Yr Calendars

Monday March 16 - Past Lives, Kill Me Tomorrow, Blessure Grave @ Soda Bar

Friday March 27 - The Homosexuals, Kill Me Tomorrow, The Anasazis @ Soda Bar

Sunday April 19 - Intelligence, Christmas Island (Brian's Bday!), The Dabbers, Pillow Queens (Austin) @ Soda Bar

Friday April 24 - The Splinters @ The Whistle Stop

Monday 11 - Spectrum (duh, ex Spacemen 3), Crocodiles, Spirit Photography @ The Casbah

Sunday May 24 - Pre Memorial Day TOO MANY CREEPS Party w/ Ale Mania and the usual dick jockeys

Monday July 6 - Strange Boys Coathangers @ The Casbah

Thursday July 19 - Mika Miko @ TBA

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Crocodiles Picked To Support Ladytron / Faint Tour

Dates are below. Telepathe is opening dates prior to these.

baltimore, md - sonar

asheville, nc - orange peel

atlanta, ga - variety playhouse

houston, tx - warehouse live

austin, tx - stubbs

dallas, tx - granada

tucson, az - rialto theatre

anaheim, ca - the grove

los angeles, ca - music box @ fonda

los angeles, ca - music box @ fonda

san francisco, ca - the fillmore

san francisco, ca - the fillmore

portland, or - roseland

seattle, wa - sodo

vancouver, bc - commodore

denver, co - ogden theatre

Buy tickets at The Faint's website.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sonic Youth's 'The Eternal' Sounds Good (In Snippets)

Whoa the new Sonic Youth album sounds like its going to be really good. The last one I really liked was Murray Street and this sounds like it could be way better. Newsweek posted this sample of the album, "The Eternal". It's really short snippets one after the other, which may drive you crazy, but suck it up and try to make sense of it. The album comes out 6/9 on Matador.

Pre order this LP/CD with Matador's 'Buy Early Get Now' deal at their blog, Matablog starting March 24.

Lastly, it just so happens I'm reading the Sonic Youth chapter of 'Our Band Could Be Your Life' by Michael Azzerad. Perfect timing. I've been skipping around reading the chapters in my own personal order. Beat Happening's was my favorite so far, but this SY chapter is really good. If you haven't read, I implore you to. I know this is old news to most...just saying.

Amelia Braekke-Dfyer's Art Is Rad


Amelia Braekke-Dfyer is a London artist and member of noisy trio PENS. Her drawerings are bad ass. She does posters, fliers, cassette covers, record covers and all kinds of cool stuff. She's actually doing the sleeve for the upcoming PENS, Crocodiles, Dum Dum Girls, Graffiti Island split 7" (Art Fag). So go take a peak at her Flckr thing. There's all kinds of cool shit there.


Monday, March 2, 2009

Shop Assisitants "Will Anything Happen"


In October, Cherry Red reissued the long out of print CD of Shop Assistants' album, "Will Anything Happen". Jangle pop magic from Scotland. The jingle jangle fun of The Pastels and the noisy mess of The Jesus And Mary Chain. You should go get this cd! I did and I'm happy. Oh, and it has a couple o' bonus jams.

By the way, Cherry Red rules and they reissue TONS of cool shit that you'd never find. They also have a really cool Youtube channel that has a TONNNN of great videos you most likely will love or you most likely have never seen. Perfect for wasting masses amounts of time.

Here's a Shop Assistants video from one of the songs not on the album. "Sefety Net". It's kind of a killer.