Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sonic Youth's 'The Eternal' Sounds Good (In Snippets)

Whoa the new Sonic Youth album sounds like its going to be really good. The last one I really liked was Murray Street and this sounds like it could be way better. Newsweek posted this sample of the album, "The Eternal". It's really short snippets one after the other, which may drive you crazy, but suck it up and try to make sense of it. The album comes out 6/9 on Matador.

Pre order this LP/CD with Matador's 'Buy Early Get Now' deal at their blog, Matablog starting March 24.

Lastly, it just so happens I'm reading the Sonic Youth chapter of 'Our Band Could Be Your Life' by Michael Azzerad. Perfect timing. I've been skipping around reading the chapters in my own personal order. Beat Happening's was my favorite so far, but this SY chapter is really good. If you haven't read, I implore you to. I know this is old news to most...just saying.

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