Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Mo-Dettes - The Story So Far 1980


One of my favorite albums of all time and greatest vinyl finds personally is the album 'The Story So Far' by The Mo-Dettes. Founded by Kate Korus (original Slit, short time Raincoat), the four piece made perfect post punk pop between 1979 and 1982. And you can dance to every song...if you do that sorta thing (I don't). They only released one lp and a couple singles. All perfect. These songs have been lost for a long time but Cherry Red recently remastered the album and released on CD with 5 bonus tracks. YES.

Take a peak at the sadly short video below and see what I mean. Also, their Myspace has some songs including one of my favorites, 'Satisfy'.

And lastly here's a fun fact. Evidently, the Dolly Mixture song, 'How Come Your Such A Hit With The Boys Jane?' was about Jane Crockford, bass player of The Mo-Dettes. Whoa!! Meaaan.

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BRC said...

I have this LP as well and it's amazing. The 7" version of white mice is actually much better though.