Friday, March 13, 2009

The Undertones 79/80 / FUN

Is it me or do these fools get overlooked? Do you sometimes just want to feel kinda good and like enjoy yourself? Oh. Than listen to The Undertones. Northern Ireland's greatest. '79/'80. The most feel goody power pop punker band ever. With seriously good songs. Like Squeeze/Beatles/Buzzcocks type catchy you know what i'm saying? Of course you do. It's ok to have fun. There are two records in their catalog that are classics. The first two, 'The Undertones' and 'Hypnotised'. Get 'em. Here's some live footage. It's like perfect or whatever.


Anonymous said...

they could not be explained better! "feel goody power pop punk!' love em.

razzle dazzle up yer azzle said...

get wit the program man!