Friday, March 13, 2009

Schoolly D 1986

Anybody listen to the Questlove interview today on NPR? It wasn't new or nothin' but it was damn good. In it he spoke of his Philadelphia background and the two major contributions to rap his city's made. One being the four pioneering djs, DJ Cash Money, Jazzy Jeff, DJ Miz and DJ Cheese (?) , and arguably the first 'gangsta rapper' (along with LA's Ice-T), Schoolly D. Schooly D was the SHIT. Preposterously ignored and unsung. Schoolly D used all the four letter words before anybody and rapped about coke. Fuck it. Here's an awesome clip filmed for Dutch television in 1986. Live and short interview. PRICELESS CLIP.

By the way, Questlove was on NPR because of the new Roots gig on The Late Show With Jimmy Fallon. I can't really wrap my head around that. They're good and all on it but is it a good move? I mean the shows that I've seen of the few aired so far have really sucked. Painfully sucked. I hope they don't water they're own ass down. Anyway.

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david b said...

'dj cheese' may sound like a stupid name, but check out his UK Fresh '86 set: