Monday, March 2, 2009

Shop Assisitants "Will Anything Happen"


In October, Cherry Red reissued the long out of print CD of Shop Assistants' album, "Will Anything Happen". Jangle pop magic from Scotland. The jingle jangle fun of The Pastels and the noisy mess of The Jesus And Mary Chain. You should go get this cd! I did and I'm happy. Oh, and it has a couple o' bonus jams.

By the way, Cherry Red rules and they reissue TONS of cool shit that you'd never find. They also have a really cool Youtube channel that has a TONNNN of great videos you most likely will love or you most likely have never seen. Perfect for wasting masses amounts of time.

Here's a Shop Assistants video from one of the songs not on the album. "Sefety Net". It's kind of a killer.

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