Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Pastels


Ahhhhh, I woke up today and this was at my door! Fuck I'd been waiting for this fo a whole 3 dayyys. Ha. Anyway, I've listened to this three times so far, and I don't think I'll be removing it anytime soon. Sittin' Pretty by The Pastels. 1989. God bless it this is perfect post C86 magic. Whoa, I just coined another annoying term. 'Post C86'. Stephen Pastel is a god. It goes, Allah, Barack Obama then Stephen Pastel in the order of all who rule the world. Whether it be his constantly changing Pastels, or his short lived, but influential label, 53rd & 3rd, Stephen Pastel was always innovative and always a bad ass. Siick. So this puts me in such a good mood because yesterday I was bidding on their first lp and some pecker snipered me with 3 seconds to go. I was very hurt by that.

I hate to post a video that's not really a video, but you HAVE to hear this song, my favorite off this lp. 'Nothing To Be Done'


ikes said...

indeed, that LP is awesome. i kind of lost interest in them after that, though (except for the firebell ringing 7", although that may be the b-side).

Junior said...

none better!