Tuesday, February 3, 2009

PPM 4 EVA (Or At Least February)

Sooooo, our pals at PPM (Post Present Medium have a stunner of a month planned for February. The releases are 3 deep and cool as fuck.

Abe Vigoda return with a five song 12"/CD called Reviver. Based on the song, 'Don't Lie', which you can hear on their Myspace thing, this record goes in a total different yet bad ass direction. Listen and trip.

Gun Outfit release their debut LP/CD of SST 80s indie punk magic. Both familiar sounding and fresh as F. So punk they don't even know what Myspace IS. The 2008 7" songs are on the CD for extra added bonus prizes. Oh and these people are from Olympia.

Silk Flowers are a big apple band releasing their first PPM record. A seven incher. These are former members of Soiled Matress And The Springs. Weirdness weirdness and mo' weirdness. Also, good good and a lot more good.

PPM is sizzling (as usual).


robbie said...

That Silk Flowers 7" from last year is DA BOMB!

Melissa said...