Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tonight. Party time.

I kinda hate Halloween. The costume shit is too much for me to get with. I know people love it and everything...gets 'em all giddy. But it's just something I don't want to think about. Walking around with a sword or make up on my face seems annoying and tedious. I'll tell you what really gets my goat is these peckers that are wearing a mask and they come up to you and say, "Hi.". And you don't know who they are and they stand there like a PRICK. Fuck you holmes, I'm walking away. Not enough time on this dear planet for you. How 'bout the gals who decide on a costume and then kick it up a notch with the slut/naughty factor. Like, "I'm going to be a Woodchuck!!", and then she shows up with like a square inch of fur, maybe some buck teeth and boobs and thighs EVERYWHERE. Lastly my dear males. I hate you. How many years are you going to answer to your lack of creativity by being a girl. It's not funny, it never was. By the way, I AM a happy person I just cuss and complain alot. It MAKES me happy.

So, anywayz, come to this crap tonight maybe. Hear The Muslims perform their upcoming double A side on Art Fag.

Halloween Spooktacular TONIGHT!!

Grand Ole Party
The Muslims
The Sess
The Glossines
DJ sets from these couple o' dudes

At The Casbah

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Crap Fan Made Video For My Favorite Clash Song

"Gates Of The West" can be found on the rare and UK only Cost Of Living ep or on Super Balck Market Clash.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Milkfat Films Launch, Promos For The Muslims, The Prayers And Skull Kontrol

In about a week, Milkfat Films will be launching their first series of videos and shorts. Included will be promo videos for The Prayers' "Clandestino", The Muslims' "Extinction", and a promo for the club Skull Kontrol @ Live Wire in San Diego.

Milkfat Films is a film company based in Los Angeles and founded by our longtime friends Felipe Lima Ashley Fenton Russ Finkestein and Megan Fenton, the four of which have put together these promos.

Check this blog for more info this coming week.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Skull Kontrol Flier And A Couple Points

Two points I want to make. Firstly, don't gimme no shit because you are going out on Wednesday for Halloween so you can't make it to Skull Kontrol on Thursday. That's chickenshit. We do these as a service to the community. So drag yourself out of your GOT damn house and make it to Live Wire on Thursday. Also, The Prayers will be back from England, so that means big Charles will be my partner in crime, bless his heart. Can't wait to see him. So come out and show some fucking respect.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Current Favorite Song

Halloween Spooktacular Flier

There comes a point in ones life when he/she must accept his /her gifts. When he/she must thank the heavenly Father for granting these gifts. I have, and my gift is apparently art.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Big Friday N What Have You

So tonight's big show. Fuck it. The Muslims are playing and that's always special. They have chops. What the hell ARE chops anyway? I should ask performer extraordinaire, Morgan Young. He seems like he would know something like that. I once asked him what the fuck "in the pocket" meant, and he had this lengthy Wiki style answer for me. Chops. Anyway, Muslims have the nicest chops. And A.M.? From LA. Super good. Check them at their Myspace profile. And I'm playing records. It gets redundant doesn't it? NO. It doesn't. The Muslims are going to help out and play some too I think.

In MORE Muslims and Art Fag news, I'll be releasing a 7" single by the talented youngsters next year. It was played for me last weekend during a delirious blackout, but I think it's good. Whatever, I have money to burn so who cares. I must have money to burn having released a Plot record a cool 3 months before they call it quits. So, Matty and Matt, give me your best song and then break up. Anyway, 7" The Muslims on Art Fag Recordings later.

Current shit I listen to ad nauseum. It's pop.

R.E.M.: I can't stop and it's becoming an issue.

Beat Happening: It might become an issue.

Lemonheads: You say what the fuck? I say, been an issue for a decade. I don't have to prove anything, holmes. The shit is catchy. And the Taang shit? It's good fuckface. But I actually can't stop listening to "Come On Feel The Lemonheads".

The Clash: Gates Of The West. It's their best song and I can listen to it on repeat for about 4 times.

Wrangler Brutes, "ZULU". Not really an issue, but perfect and brutal. Please investigate.

Anyway. Tower Bar tonight. Don't forget your party cap. Or is it hat?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Blah blah blah. Another weekend right around the corner. Finally a fun thing to do. The Muslims are playing at The Tower Bar over here in San Diego. Sure, sure. A.M. is playing too. There's a link below I suggest you check out N shit. They're good. I'm playing records too. Fuck it. SO, to help get the word out, I went ahead and started playing with my colors. The result is quite disturbing. You realize I'm full grown, right?

Check out A.M. here!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Saturday, October 20, 2007

No Bloggies Doggies.

Either sick as fuck or drunk in the UK. That's the status.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Equals.

The Equals are one of my all time faves. Remember Eddy Grant? Electric Avenue? Well holmes had a band in the 60s N 70s called The Equals. Remember The Clash's "Police On My Back"? Guess what boss, it's an Equals song. You can't deny how good they were. One listen and you'll be HOOKED. SO catchy. They're called The Equals because there are 3 black dudes and 2 white guys in the band. And blacks and whites are equal and shit. Browns are one step up from the both of them, but I digress. Check thisssssssss.

7 Tracks On The Dome

Or cuts. You like it when people say "cut" instead of song? Example: "That was Smells LIke Teen Spirit, first cut off the Nevermind long player."

Anyway. These cuts are on my mind, and I hope to share them tomorrow night at Skull Kontrol.

1."Cherish" Madonna cover by The Prayers, taken from upcoming tribute on Manimal Vinyl (LA).

2. "Dear Lady Twist" by Gary "US" Bonds, FUCK!! I can't get this fool outta my head.

3. KALA lp. This whole GOT damn lp rules. M.I.A. is neeeeeesh.

4. "Airwalker" by Jeremy Jay. He gave me his test press...can you imagine? It's not even out yet sucker.

5. "Singer Man" by Kingstonians. Rock steady cut.

6. Das Oath. The 9" record. Or was it 8? WHo gives a whoop.

7. "Colors" by Ice-T. Just watched the tape of this movie. I love when Sean Penn gets all disrespectful. Tough ass cut by the O.G.

Solid Gold - November 8th - Soul 'N' Oldies DANCE PARTY!!

A classic 60s soul sweat fest. Dancing the way it was meant. The way our forefathers meant. Hi energy and hi-fi.

Dimitri Dickinson, A Special Cat // Skull Kontrol

Tomorrow's the big night. Dimitri Dickinson will replace Sir Charles and Brandon Welchez and join me for a MEGA Skull Kontrol @ Live Wire. Booty Bassment's king of crunk has a punk side, see. If you know Dimitri, you know he's a special cat. So bring your ears, unfortunately filled with the muck of bad music and we'll clean 'em for you. You poor thing. Having to wait a whole two weeks!! Bless your heart. The wait is OVER, pup. Skull Kontrol tomorrow night.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Say 'Ello To The Queen For Me.

This is meant to be read/viewed by my friends Andrew Miller, Chuck Rowell, Brandon Welchez and Joel Isaac Black. If you aren't one of them, keep moving.

I love you. Here's Manchester.

Music: Martin Hannett Words: John Cooper Clarke

Friday, October 12, 2007

Paper Planes Can Fuck The Hell Right Off.

And lastly (for a while at least), can I please get that damn Paper Planes song out my head? I keep doing that thing when you don't know the lyrics but you sing it anyway. You know? Like, "Whe wha panne pahah". That's my M.I.A. lyric. I fucking can't stop and I am going ape nuts.

Off to sell cds at the big Roots and The Prayers show. I know that sounds weird. Right?

X's For Eyes And Tongues Hanging Out.

Now, now lil' doggies let's not get too far ahead of ourselves. We all know that the premier Thursday night experience is Skull Kontrol. The beeYOOtiful noise. The meticulous selections of the truest and most def jams. Punks. Raps. Power pops. Z90 faves. Oldies. Girl groups. Oi. Rude Boy shit. NOISE. And this week I told Brandon and Charles to take a hike. I said take a time out you jerks. I said you know what? I'll fix you, you punks. I'm sending you to England. That's right, bitch. Outta here you go. You'll go and you'll do it with a smile on your face. You'll play shows and earn a shekel or two. And sell a cd for pete's sake. I can't walk in my GOT damn house cuz a these friggin' Prayers cds. Jesus Christmas. So go. And then I said, you know what? Big D's coming along for this Thursday. That's right. The biggest D of all the D's. I'll fix them. Brace yourself.

It's going to suck so bad.

So Dimitri and his rag tag bunch of characters have done the world a disservice and booked the 4th Thursday of EVERY month. Jiminy crickets are you kidding me? So the worst it is. Two weeks from yesterday bitch. Chop Suey. Brought To You Courtesy Of The Red White And Blue. We Like To Party. The Aerosmith Armageddon song (hopefully). Maybe a lil' John Tesh for that ass? Songbird by the lovable jew Kenny G? All that shit maynard.

These guys. Pfft.

Here's my request doggie.

Alls I know is that this music led to me getting FUCKED up. Same with Brandon and our Sheffield cat, Andy. Fuggin' Andy. Girls love him. Anywayz.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Tonight N stuff.

So anyway. There's this show tonight. It's at The Casbah. The FAMOUS Casbah. Where dreams are made. Polysics from Japan are playing. They're like mega big and stuff. They sound all hyper new wavy and scream and shit. I think their good but I'll know better by tomorrow. They have guys and girls up in there so that's different, right? Ha. And Numbers are playing. They're like no wavy new wavy spazzy dance stuff. I think they're good. They used to be, so hope they are now. I have this cool song by them that Gold Chains remixed. It was GOOD. And I'm playing records too. Between bands and shit. Sound fun? Then fuck it, go. GO. I think it will be FUN. And super packed, and super packed is fun in my book. Oh!! And it's John Peel Day, bless his soul. Keep it Peel. (It says that on his website...corny, right?)

I Kill Children.

Kill The Poor. Even though I am one. A poor that is. Dead kennendys' Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables is nothing new, sure. Nothing CRAZY. But I love it when a record is put aside for a while then bang. It rules again. It's ruling now. Boredom is also ruling so forgive me.

Dead Kennedys - Fresh Fruit 5 Thumbs Up.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

On My Mind

Two things have been on my fucking mind over the last few days. M.I.A.'s Paper Planes song and Gary "U.S." Bonds' whole early 60s catalog. Fuck them both.

Watch this monster Gary "U.S" Bonds tear it up here on "Quarter To Three".

I hope at our Solid Gold soul party we can tear it up till a quarter to three. Or at least till quarter to 2, it being San Diego and all.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

John Peel Day this Thursday.

This Thursday marks the anniversary of John Peel's last broadcast on the BBC before his untimely death in 2004. All around the world there will be John Peel Day celebrations. Here is San Diego's party.

Monday, October 8, 2007

October 18, Skull replacement.

So The "Mighty" Prayers are going across the pond. Off to see The Queen for 2 weeks or so. Festivals, club gigs and what have you. They leave next week. Bon Voyage doggies.

Anyway. The important thing here is me. While they're gone I'll be doing the next Skull Kontrol on the 18th. Since I usually do these shits with Brandon Welchez and Sir Charles, I'll need a new partner. Cuz I'm lazy and I won't do it alone. SO. I've asked Big D aka Dimitri Dickensen aka DJ Cockerspaniel of Booty Bassment to join me. It's going to be bonkers. Maybe even bananas. Expect a brand new take on our anything goes Skull policy. Expect your ears to be even EXTRA cleaned out. God bless Skull Kontrol.

Skull Kontrol ALWAYS @ Live Wire.

Thursday October 18.

Always FREE.

More Freedom Blogging, Francoise, Freedom Video Channel, Blah

Et Meme. My current favorite Francoise Hardy song. Fuck it. By the way, there's this channel on Youtube with the BEST goddamn videos of Francoise Hardy. It's called Gusyverde. It rules. Go!! The link is below.

Super cool Youtube channel with all the French shit!!

But first watch "Et Meme". It's so GODDAMN good.

And thank you to Mrs. Pactor for my marvelous birthday present! The first Francoise record. You're the BEST!!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Sess

The Sess is the best live band in San Diego. Their songs are perfect, their back ups are on point and their energy is unmatched. To The Sess, my sincerest apology for sleeping so long.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Brandon's triumphant return.

Sorry for my absence from this blog. I realize everyone's been chewing their nails off waiting for me to drop some more science on that ass. Guess what? Get off my fucking back. I got problems of my own.

In the meantime, here's what I've been enjoying lately. It's arguably the best song off of the best Pink Floyd album. And don't kid yourself, they only had two good albums. I literally sit around my room in my underpants, eating cookies, chest covered in crumbs, and enter full psychedelic melt-down listening to this record. Can you imagine that? Do you like that image?

Also, go the Casbah tonight and the Che Cafe tomorrow.

Lazy blog. But fuck you, man.

Favorite song right now: Spicks And Specks by Status Quo. It's not the boogie rock era Status Quo you "shit for brains", it's the psychadelic era. Fucker, like 1968, bitch.

Favorite album right now. The Feelies' Crazy Rhythms lp. 1980 bitch. Matt Lampkin, you'll love this and I'm bringing you a goddamn burn tonight. If you still read this piece of shit blog, I mean. If not, go fuck yourself, you chickenshit bitch.

And I'm not linking any of this shit up, man. Do your own fuckin' work. This ain't for you, it's for ME. I'm just expressing myself. I'm tired, man.

Oh, fuck. Favorite cuss word: chickenshit.

Dollars And Sense

Chuck had a pretty bad ass idea when he put together tonight's big ol' show at The Casbah. It's going to be bonkers. Fuggin' Chuck. Putting things together. Now there's going to be LOADS of cash!! Man oh man oh manomanoman. I can't wait to count it all.

I won't bother posting the flier for it. We already posted that a few times. Instead, I'll post a lil' image of what Andrew, Brandon, Chuck and I are going to look like leaving The Casbah tonight.

THE Fest tonight at The Casbah

The Atoms / The Prayers / The Sundelles / The Muslims / The Vultures / The Sess

"DJs" Andrew Miller / Mario Orduno / Brandon Welchez / Sir Charles

EIGHT DOLLARS / starts promptly @ 9:00 / 21 plus

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Solid Gold

oops. The soul/oldies night @ Tower every second Thursday is called SOLID GOLD. I just hadn't made my mind up. Now I did.


So starting with November 8th I will be starting an oldies/soul dance party every 2nd Thursday of the month @ Tower Bar. It's going to be bananas. I'm going to book one band per party. So far November 8th is K Records' Jeremy Jay, and he'll be celebrating the release of his Airwalker ep!! On December 13th I have The Muslims booked. They'll be celebrating anything they want. Super duper duper pumped. The night will be heavy on rare and uptempo soul and oldies ROCKERS. Lots o' 45s. Sweaty stuff. Oh and it's 5 dollars. No name yet. Stay tuned.

See y'all at Skull Kontrol tonight!!

Sometimes you have it, sometimes you don't....

...and Jonathan Richman just plain DOES. Man oh man. And I love the weirdo at the beginning, the announcer guy or whatever. This was taken from a Rough Trade VHS comp.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Thursday // Friday


Skull Kontrol @ Live WIre (El Cajon & Alabama, San Diego)

San Diego's noisiest and most interesting night. The best, most fun, weirdest mix of music in one crammed-in, tiny and glorious bar, The Live Wire. Beloved "DJs" Mario Orduno and Sir Charles play the platters that matter. Free.

ALSO!! ATTENTION!! @ Skull Kontrol, Sir Charles and I will be giving a way a couple pairs of tickets EACH to THE Fest on Friday at The Casbah.


"THE" Fest 2007 @ The Casbah (Kettner & Laurel, San Diego)

THE Sundelles, THE Atoms, THE Sess, THE Prayers, THE Vultures, THE Muslims LIVE. THE best of San Diego bands, most with brand new releases to celebrate. Between bands listen to the loud selections of Brandon Welchez, Andrew Miller, Mario Orduno, and Sir Charles. $8. Get there early, as this will sell out no DOUBT. And bands start promptly @ 9pm. Lottery for line-up order will be in effect so don't think you know who plays first OR last. Booyow.