Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tonight. Party time.

I kinda hate Halloween. The costume shit is too much for me to get with. I know people love it and everything...gets 'em all giddy. But it's just something I don't want to think about. Walking around with a sword or make up on my face seems annoying and tedious. I'll tell you what really gets my goat is these peckers that are wearing a mask and they come up to you and say, "Hi.". And you don't know who they are and they stand there like a PRICK. Fuck you holmes, I'm walking away. Not enough time on this dear planet for you. How 'bout the gals who decide on a costume and then kick it up a notch with the slut/naughty factor. Like, "I'm going to be a Woodchuck!!", and then she shows up with like a square inch of fur, maybe some buck teeth and boobs and thighs EVERYWHERE. Lastly my dear males. I hate you. How many years are you going to answer to your lack of creativity by being a girl. It's not funny, it never was. By the way, I AM a happy person I just cuss and complain alot. It MAKES me happy.

So, anywayz, come to this crap tonight maybe. Hear The Muslims perform their upcoming double A side on Art Fag.

Halloween Spooktacular TONIGHT!!

Grand Ole Party
The Muslims
The Sess
The Glossines
DJ sets from these couple o' dudes

At The Casbah


CDW said...

guess scott will have to leave the naughty beaver schoolgirl costume he's been working on for weeks at home

Manjari said...

Picturing you walking down the street with a sword is WAY too much for me. I can't stop giggling to myself! And you know what fool? I looooove to cuss and complain. Two peas in a pod.