Friday, October 26, 2007

Big Friday N What Have You

So tonight's big show. Fuck it. The Muslims are playing and that's always special. They have chops. What the hell ARE chops anyway? I should ask performer extraordinaire, Morgan Young. He seems like he would know something like that. I once asked him what the fuck "in the pocket" meant, and he had this lengthy Wiki style answer for me. Chops. Anyway, Muslims have the nicest chops. And A.M.? From LA. Super good. Check them at their Myspace profile. And I'm playing records. It gets redundant doesn't it? NO. It doesn't. The Muslims are going to help out and play some too I think.

In MORE Muslims and Art Fag news, I'll be releasing a 7" single by the talented youngsters next year. It was played for me last weekend during a delirious blackout, but I think it's good. Whatever, I have money to burn so who cares. I must have money to burn having released a Plot record a cool 3 months before they call it quits. So, Matty and Matt, give me your best song and then break up. Anyway, 7" The Muslims on Art Fag Recordings later.

Current shit I listen to ad nauseum. It's pop.

R.E.M.: I can't stop and it's becoming an issue.

Beat Happening: It might become an issue.

Lemonheads: You say what the fuck? I say, been an issue for a decade. I don't have to prove anything, holmes. The shit is catchy. And the Taang shit? It's good fuckface. But I actually can't stop listening to "Come On Feel The Lemonheads".

The Clash: Gates Of The West. It's their best song and I can listen to it on repeat for about 4 times.

Wrangler Brutes, "ZULU". Not really an issue, but perfect and brutal. Please investigate.

Anyway. Tower Bar tonight. Don't forget your party cap. Or is it hat?

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