Wednesday, October 17, 2007

7 Tracks On The Dome

Or cuts. You like it when people say "cut" instead of song? Example: "That was Smells LIke Teen Spirit, first cut off the Nevermind long player."

Anyway. These cuts are on my mind, and I hope to share them tomorrow night at Skull Kontrol.

1."Cherish" Madonna cover by The Prayers, taken from upcoming tribute on Manimal Vinyl (LA).

2. "Dear Lady Twist" by Gary "US" Bonds, FUCK!! I can't get this fool outta my head.

3. KALA lp. This whole GOT damn lp rules. M.I.A. is neeeeeesh.

4. "Airwalker" by Jeremy Jay. He gave me his test press...can you imagine? It's not even out yet sucker.

5. "Singer Man" by Kingstonians. Rock steady cut.

6. Das Oath. The 9" record. Or was it 8? WHo gives a whoop.

7. "Colors" by Ice-T. Just watched the tape of this movie. I love when Sean Penn gets all disrespectful. Tough ass cut by the O.G.