Thursday, October 11, 2007

Tonight N stuff.

So anyway. There's this show tonight. It's at The Casbah. The FAMOUS Casbah. Where dreams are made. Polysics from Japan are playing. They're like mega big and stuff. They sound all hyper new wavy and scream and shit. I think their good but I'll know better by tomorrow. They have guys and girls up in there so that's different, right? Ha. And Numbers are playing. They're like no wavy new wavy spazzy dance stuff. I think they're good. They used to be, so hope they are now. I have this cool song by them that Gold Chains remixed. It was GOOD. And I'm playing records too. Between bands and shit. Sound fun? Then fuck it, go. GO. I think it will be FUN. And super packed, and super packed is fun in my book. Oh!! And it's John Peel Day, bless his soul. Keep it Peel. (It says that on his website...corny, right?)

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