Friday, October 12, 2007

It's going to suck so bad.

So Dimitri and his rag tag bunch of characters have done the world a disservice and booked the 4th Thursday of EVERY month. Jiminy crickets are you kidding me? So the worst it is. Two weeks from yesterday bitch. Chop Suey. Brought To You Courtesy Of The Red White And Blue. We Like To Party. The Aerosmith Armageddon song (hopefully). Maybe a lil' John Tesh for that ass? Songbird by the lovable jew Kenny G? All that shit maynard.

These guys. Pfft.

Here's my request doggie.

Alls I know is that this music led to me getting FUCKED up. Same with Brandon and our Sheffield cat, Andy. Fuggin' Andy. Girls love him. Anywayz.

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