Thursday, July 31, 2008

Last Night I Nearly Got Offed By A Meth-Head.

Last night, after Crocodiles' Casbah show, Charles, myself and our friend Matt went to get food. We went to this pretty well-known taco shop in a totally safe area of San Diego. The thing with San Diego is, unfortunately, that it's crawling with speed addicts. I'm not sure if it still is or not, but SD used to be the meth capitol of the world. Anyway, after finishing our food, we started walking to Matt's car to get copies of his band's new album. As we exited the building, we passed this scumbag hitting on a girl. Nothing too unusual. But as we were standing by Matt's car talking, I noticed said scumbag standing across the parking lot staring at us. I made eye-contact with him and he extended his arm and began doing that Roman Emperor thumbs up-thumbs down thing that emperor's did to decide a gladiator's fate. I guess he decided "thumbs down" because he walked over super fast and erratically. When he got to us, he directed all this weird sped-up rage at me. Have you ever seen prison interviews with Charles Manson? This guy was talking like that, totally bonkers. "Xylophone zebra crucifixion paperback! Why is your fixation fixated against my eyes?!" Totally weird shit. He was standing opposite me, breathing super heavy and talking all this random nonsense hyper-fast, like the Micro Machine guy. It wouldn't have been so intimidating if he wasn't so big. The guy was a monster. I'm 6 foot tall and he was definitely taller than me, and looked like he spent all his extra hours lifting weights. He was super agitated. His neck looked like a big, thick erect penis. Veins bulged everywhere. He incessantly pounded his fist into his open palm. Even though he was talking nonsense, the general jist seemed to be him making up his mind whether to murder me or not. We were all trying to calm him down. Matt kept saying, "We're cool, man, we're cool, man." It was like a peace mantra. He rejected Matt's attempt to shake his hand. I kept repeating, "We don't have a problem, man. Every thing's cool, man." My limbs felt numb. In slow motion, he took a really wide swing and connected. It took me a second to determine what had happened. Had I been punched? Or worse, stabbed? Turns out, he only hit me with a bag of food he had stolen from another customer. I was relieved to have beans in my hair, rather than blood. Someone from the restaurant came out and yelled that they had called the police. He said something along the lines of, "If the cops are coming, I'll kill you; then run." He ended up just crossing the street and sitting at a bus stop, where he continued to yell weird shit at us. What an odd situation. Here's a theatrical re-enactment of the events:


In the history of shitstorms, has there ever been a bigger one than Telepathe has gotten in response to their live show? Sheez. I love Telepathe's songs, and if they were to come to my city I'd book the fuck out of 'em. I feel kinda bad for 'em actually. Looks like they had a couple of HIGH profile turkeys and the ol' interweb's ready to crucify. Brandon mentioned one crappy review the other day, so tonight for fun, I went and googled that shit. Fuck. The shit was intense. There were all kinds of bad reviews and millions of shitty comments. Buck up campers, I still like you for what it's worth.

Isn't this still the jam bomb hot cut? YES.

Telepathe - Chromes On It.mp3 - Telepathe

Too Many Creeps / San Diego / Every Sunday

'ello San Diego. Last Sunday we unveiled a new weekly, Too Many Creeps. It takes place every Sunday at the Whistle Stop. here's how are little fuckin' night unfolds, ok?

Every Sunday at 8ish we are screening (on the BIG screen) a classic underground vid or a new premiere or something cool, you know? For instance last Sunday we premiered the new Joy Division documentary. This Sunday we're screening the PBS classic Style Wars. It's a 1982(?) made for PBS documentary on graffiti and it rules. Coming up soon we're doing the early 80's NYC no wave classic Downtown 81. You get it? It all happens every week at 8...ish.

Then after the movie we're playing records by the likes of Pere Ubu, The Raincoats, Slayer, Television Personalities, Black Tambourine, The Fall, Cock Sparrer, R.E.M, The Clean, NO AGE, Husker Du, Blank Dogs, The Cure, Minutemen, Catatonic Youth, Kleenex/Liliput, The Only Ones, Primal Scream, Stereolab, Mika Miko, The Muslims, Dinosaur Jr, The Monorchid, Slant 6, The Who, Beat Happening, My Bloody Valentine, SST, Creation, Rough Trade, Nirvana, The Slits, Dischord, Factory, The Wake, Vivian Girls, Y Pants, Le Shok, The Vaselines, Blank Dogs Orange Juice, yada yada yada. (Although last week due the suds, I played the famous "One In A Million" single by G 'N' R.) Get it?

It's fun, it's weird, and it's freee...EVERY SUNDAY in San Diego.

Oh, one more thing, when I say "we're" I'm referring to Charles Rowell, Brandon Welchez and myself, Mario Orduno.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Zealanders Circa 1981 : The Clean

You know those songs that just make you feel happy and it works every time you hear them? Like the other month when I posted about that Black Tambourine song? Same thing. Tally Ho by The Clean does me like that. Better yet, all The Clean does me like that. F'n New Zealanders. F'n 1981. Merge released a double disc of all their shit called Anthology. Find it and buy it.

Tally Ho! - The Clean

Tally Ho Video On YouToobz

Anything Could Happen Video On YooToubs

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Video Rewind : Too Many Creeps By Bush Tetras

This video is kinda the bomb shit. Bush Tetras were some badasses. It's weird that so many better known bands have nothing videowise, but these obscure ass fools have this perfect and clear gorgeous video up. Man New York must have been the shit in '82.

Monday, July 21, 2008

New Crocodiles 7" Single Available For Pre-Order

Oh hi there. For those of you clamoring to hear what Crocodiles sound like, your wait is almost over. On their Myspace account you can now pre order the upcoming Neon Jesus 7" single. You can even do yourself a favor and order two and get both covers! Fuck it.

Crocodiles Myspace And Pre-Order Spot

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Bored Blogman

I love Queen. I think side two of Queen 2 is the single best side ever recorded in all of time. So I'm not trying to ever disrespect these fools. But then again they be disrespecting themselves with this new crock of a singer. Who's that guy again? Some fool from like Badfinger or Bachman Turner Overdrive. Or was it Bad Company? Regardless, yuck. But there is a guy who I would pay big moneys to see front Queen on like some kind of "'hits" tour or some shit. George Michael. This video is ridiculous. He IS Freddy Mercury. I wonder why they don't just holler at a fool. This guy can't be too busy right? Or who knows, maybe he gave 'em the blow off. Man. What a waste of an opportunity. (man am I bored as fuck, or what?)

Big City By Spacemen 3 Is The Bomb Cut Track Jam

Fuck. Isn't this song the bomb cut? The jam track? Y'all like Spacemen 3 right? Of course. That would be gay. (Happy Pride by the way, I think San Diego must have the biggest fucking fest in the U.S. Of A. Sweet.) If you don't like Spacemen 3 I beg that you please quietly leave this web page. Thanks dog. And your welcome sweetie.

Big City (Everybody I Know Can Be Found Here) - Spacemen 3

Video Rewind : Mass Appeal By Gang Starr

So yesterday I went to the beach, and every time I go to the beach I go to this pretty cool record store. So I worked on my tan and then strolled into Cow Records. They have a ton of records which is cool sure, but what I REALLY love about this place is the massive collection of cassettes. Son of a bitch they have EVERYTHING. So after perusing the racks I ended up buying Hard To Earn by Gang Starr. Arguably one of the best hip hop tapes of all time. This video below is hardcore perfection.

Oh and listen up "son", if you happen to be in the 415 tonight check out all the sick rap at Booty Bassment at The Knockout on Mission. The Dogmaster D never EVER trips.

Skull Kontrol San Francisco This Thursday

Hey bossmaster. All the dogs are reuniting for a most robust fun fest up the beautiful California coast. That's right fuck face, The Muslims, Crocodiles and ME are heading to Oakland/San Francisco this coming Thursday for a party at The Knockout and a party on Friday at the House of Red. Booyakasha. The Knockout show is 5 shekels and the Oakland fiesta is free but don't trip, you should give us gas money or a cotton pickin' cold one.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Heavy Metal Monk

Have you heard about Brother Metal? He's a 62 year old Capuchin monk who sings in a band. While his heart still belongs to Christ, he's given his balls to metal. Heavy Metal is, in my opinion, one of those stagnant scenes that just rehashes and dilutes things over and over and over. It's just a caricature of what it used to be now. Go to any rehearsal space in any city and I guarantee you EVERY single band you hear as you walk down the hall will have dumb double bass drum and a bass guitar tuned so low it just sounds like a fart. As I've always maintained, Little Richard screaming along to his piano will always sound tougher to me than four jocks with black long-johns on under their cargo shorts "destroying". I bet Brother Metal could totally beat me up, but he wouldn't cuz he's probably a pacifist.

Check it

Thursday, July 17, 2008

June Brides / C86 Masters

You want more indiepop perfection? Ok. June Brides. The quintessential sound of indiepop and C86. They were offered a slot on the legendary Creation/NME C86 cassette comp, but declined as to not get pigeonholed. Er, yikes. Now they're just unknown. Nevertheless, their sound should have been famous and their songwriting legendary. If you like these dudes you can get their entire output on a 2 cd set on the awesome label Cherry Red. They seem to put out all my favorite shit. Ok, here's the video, In The Rain, which was actually uploaded by June Brides own Phil Wilson...he has his own channel if you're curious.

Josef K

You know how I love Orange Juice? I've written about it on here before, holmes. Orange Juice and Postcard Records were indie heaven in the early eighties. Well another band I love which was also released by Postcard is Josef K. Son of a bitch this shit is good. If you love OJ and are looking for something similar, then your prayers are answered. As jangly as all hell and melodic as fuck. Poor Scottish countrymates, Franz Ferdinand kinda look like A holes.

Josef K released their first album, The Only Fun In Town in 1981, after having recorded essentially the same album already, in 1980, called Sorry For Laughing, but thinking they had made it too polished. They were both brilliant. The smoother version sounding just as fresh as the punkier recording.

Unfortunately all this shit is out of print. Like a lot of the good stuff, no iTunes, no cds and no lps. But you can still open your god damned eyes and peep this wonderful vid from Youtubes. Quality is sorta poor, but still...magic.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Video Rewind : Bull In The Heather By Sonic Youth

'Member this ol' thing? This was the jam in the 90s. I think I like this lp, Experimental Jet Set Trash And No Star more than most people. I think it's one of their best. Then again I don't think there is a turkey in Sonic Youth's catalog except maybe Sonic Nurse. That fucker was a serious turky. But this single and video is special. Weird this was a pop single. NOTHING is on the radio like this anymore. But back to the video. Kathleen Hanna looks a goood way. I read SY opened their recent 7/4 show in New York. That sounds nice.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

San Diego, California / Too Many Creeps

Hey there San Diego, Californians. If you are one of our beloved readers in Aukland, Sheffield or Osaka, I apologize for the boring post. But anyways. Back to these SD topics. If you are on e of the poor victims that attend the Skull Kontrol night on Thursdays, I have some bad/sad news. Our homebase, Live Wire is having to put our night on hiatus for short period of time, probably two months. For this week, we are moving the night to the Whistle Stop which is just as fun. There will be the same ear hole cleaners and the same dumb movies on the monitors. Even on the big screen. I'm talkin' GG Allins "Hated" documentary, COPS - Too Hot For Tv, Julien Donkey Boy, you know the classics plus some surprises. That's tomorrow, July 10. At 9. At the Whistle Stop. And after tomorrow, no Skull Kontrol till god knows when. K.

ANNNND. In other news. We are proud to announce a NEW night! Starting Sunday July 26, we are doing every Sunday at the Whistle Stop. It's free. It's going to be called Too Many Creeps. So plan on ending your god forsaken weekends with us if you are in San Diego. After services. More on this shit soon. Toodles.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Blackblack / Copycat

So I NEVER want to be a copy catter. Never. But I have to admit i was turned on to this band after reading Melissa Miserable's big ol' blog. She was gushing about these fools. You can read her thingy here. So anyway I was really impressed by this band Blackblack a three piece from L.A., two girls and a dude. You can read all the info about them on the MM blog and use all those links and shit she posted, but I just thought I'd post this video for Emerald Forest so you can see all the melodies they jam packed into this song. And they're all like this. Super jam packed and oozing with melodies yet simple and d.i.y. sounding. I know I know, her blog is all nice and has info and links and pics and all I got is this lazy ass youtube. Fuck.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Heartworm Blog

Please notice to the right on our blogroll that we linked the new Heartworm Blog. For all things Heartworm such as influences, brain farts and news feel free to click that. Cuz it's going to quench that particular thirst.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Video Rewind : Makes No sense At All By Husker Du

Happy 5th. Sometimes one of these god damned videos just makes you feel good. This video gem does that for me. It's so fun and good timey. Husker Du's "Makes No Sense At All", SST Records 1985. 1985. What a good year for records.

A Devil Is Dead, Jesse Helms

And it's a shame he didn't suffer. A full blown racist and homophobe in the modern era has been silenced. Jesse Helms, you have rep'd bullshit for 80+ years and you are quiet now.

And here's a peek into the future holmes.

It's gotta sting un poquito.

Friday, July 4, 2008

N.W.A. / 100 Miles And Runnin'

Huh. How the hell did I never see this? I mean I have ALWAYS been an avid N.W.A. cat. Nothing was more fun than being 15 and drinking a 40 in Morely Field (San Diego) and singing along to my favorite MC Ren lyric, "...with a right, left, right you're toothless than you say, 'god damn they roofless!'". I even bought this god foresaken 12" inch but had no idea there was a video. Or am I trippin'? Hmmm. Anyways. So it's not good quality, a little out of sync, but fuck's the niggaz with attitude, right? Guys an' gals this is the first post Ice Cube N.W.A. single, "100 Miles And Runnin'". Notice how hard Ren comes off without the superior Cube in his way. (BTW, Ice Cube's "Amerikkka's Most Wanted" released the following year blew this shit AWAY.) But I digress...

Magical Foreign Places 'N' Sounds

So this morning I woke up in a foreign place. I mean I knew where I was but I was unaccustomed to waking there. It wasn't a bad place or nothing. So I was all like "what the fuck" and kept my eyes closed cuz I didn't want to deal with reality. And then something magically perfect happened. I heard the sound of a 45 being placed on the player and the clicks of the portable player's arm shifting over to a record. The needle dropped and MAGIC.

My Boyfriends Learning Karate - Thee Headcoatees

Thursday, July 3, 2008

New Cold Cave Song

'ello. Cold Cave has posted a new song on their Myspace thing. It is a killer. It's called "The Trees Grew Emotions And Died". It will be on the new 12" ep to be released this summer on Dais Records. Cold Cave is Wes Eisold's project. When you're in the mood, check his other projects too. Heartworm Press and Ye Olde Maids. Thank you and, as always, you are very very welcome.

Cold Cave

San Diego, Kalifornia, Amerika

Hey boss if you happen to be in the greater San Diego area tonight then come out and see us at The Whistle Stop. There's going to be really nasty rap and punker type music to dance to. A real goofy affair.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Someone Stole Ian Curtis' Gravestone

Kinda sucksville, right? Yeah, yeah, it'd be cool to have it hanging above your bed or above the bar in your parent's basement, but still, pretty lame for his family.

Read More Here

No Age Eraser Video

The new No Age video was posted yesterday on the youtoobs. Did anybody see it on MTV? I did. It was a weird moment. Like when Smells Like Teen Spirit came out. The undergrond dogs getting a little shine.

The video is really fun and makes you smile.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

La Dusseldorf

The other day I got this really cool record by Kraftwerk called Exceller 8. It's a the "best of" from their first three records. Very different then the Kraftwerk everyone thinks of with the robotic vocals, and electro sonds. This stuff is far more out there. It has the song Autobahn on it. Everyone knows that song right? Anyway you should check the shit out. But it reminded me I hadn't listened to this record I got a few years ago by a band called La Dusseldorf. Former Kraftwerk member, Klaus Dinger's late 70s band. Wow. I forgot. So minimal and pretty. So simple. The video below is for their song, Rhenita and it is totally badass. Have patience it takes a minute till it starts up and you really need to let it play out. Jesus christ, it's not a Beatles song. After you're done, do yourself a favor and seek out more.

And Klaus Dinger died earlier this year so maybe spill out your 40 dog tonight for the ol' kraut.