Wednesday, July 2, 2008

No Age Eraser Video

The new No Age video was posted yesterday on the youtoobs. Did anybody see it on MTV? I did. It was a weird moment. Like when Smells Like Teen Spirit came out. The undergrond dogs getting a little shine.

The video is really fun and makes you smile.


Megan said...

your favorite Fentons and Limas worked on this video! Check out the video for Keechie on another video done with help from us kids@ communityshorts! Do you hate me for my shameless self promotion?

The Vox Jaguars said...

man i was in time square hanging out with la familia in nyc and it blew my mind. i was standing there in the midst of the chaos and huge screens, and then i saw this video on the mtv screen. pretty crazy how no age has blown up so quickly.