Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Bored Blogman

I love Queen. I think side two of Queen 2 is the single best side ever recorded in all of time. So I'm not trying to ever disrespect these fools. But then again they be disrespecting themselves with this new crock of a singer. Who's that guy again? Some fool from like Badfinger or Bachman Turner Overdrive. Or was it Bad Company? Regardless, yuck. But there is a guy who I would pay big moneys to see front Queen on like some kind of "'hits" tour or some shit. George Michael. This video is ridiculous. He IS Freddy Mercury. I wonder why they don't just holler at a fool. This guy can't be too busy right? Or who knows, maybe he gave 'em the blow off. Man. What a waste of an opportunity. (man am I bored as fuck, or what?)

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Bryan said...

you sure nailed this post. killer voice AND pop genius. Careless Whisper? wowzer.