Wednesday, July 9, 2008

San Diego, California / Too Many Creeps

Hey there San Diego, Californians. If you are one of our beloved readers in Aukland, Sheffield or Osaka, I apologize for the boring post. But anyways. Back to these SD topics. If you are on e of the poor victims that attend the Skull Kontrol night on Thursdays, I have some bad/sad news. Our homebase, Live Wire is having to put our night on hiatus for short period of time, probably two months. For this week, we are moving the night to the Whistle Stop which is just as fun. There will be the same ear hole cleaners and the same dumb movies on the monitors. Even on the big screen. I'm talkin' GG Allins "Hated" documentary, COPS - Too Hot For Tv, Julien Donkey Boy, you know the classics plus some surprises. That's tomorrow, July 10. At 9. At the Whistle Stop. And after tomorrow, no Skull Kontrol till god knows when. K.

ANNNND. In other news. We are proud to announce a NEW night! Starting Sunday July 26, we are doing every Sunday at the Whistle Stop. It's free. It's going to be called Too Many Creeps. So plan on ending your god forsaken weekends with us if you are in San Diego. After services. More on this shit soon. Toodles.

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