Thursday, July 31, 2008


In the history of shitstorms, has there ever been a bigger one than Telepathe has gotten in response to their live show? Sheez. I love Telepathe's songs, and if they were to come to my city I'd book the fuck out of 'em. I feel kinda bad for 'em actually. Looks like they had a couple of HIGH profile turkeys and the ol' interweb's ready to crucify. Brandon mentioned one crappy review the other day, so tonight for fun, I went and googled that shit. Fuck. The shit was intense. There were all kinds of bad reviews and millions of shitty comments. Buck up campers, I still like you for what it's worth.

Isn't this still the jam bomb hot cut? YES.

Telepathe - Chromes On It.mp3 - Telepathe

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Melissa said...

Mmhhh. Telepathe. Dude girl was wearing a freaking winter coat pacific northwest vest while everyone else was sweating... a lot. Hot model type girl was jamming with her long hair all hot and model-ly. And I don't remember the other one. But this was by far their best song. And even though it is catchy and cute as all hell, it was still a little bit awkward to see live. Then high places came on and the heavens parted. That dude is fun to watch perform. All hitting buttons. That girl is fun to watch perform. All smiling as she sings. This is my review.