Tuesday, July 1, 2008

La Dusseldorf

The other day I got this really cool record by Kraftwerk called Exceller 8. It's a the "best of" from their first three records. Very different then the Kraftwerk everyone thinks of with the robotic vocals, and electro sonds. This stuff is far more out there. It has the song Autobahn on it. Everyone knows that song right? Anyway you should check the shit out. But it reminded me I hadn't listened to this record I got a few years ago by a band called La Dusseldorf. Former Kraftwerk member, Klaus Dinger's late 70s band. Wow. I forgot. So minimal and pretty. So simple. The video below is for their song, Rhenita and it is totally badass. Have patience it takes a minute till it starts up and you really need to let it play out. Jesus christ, it's not a Beatles song. After you're done, do yourself a favor and seek out more.

And Klaus Dinger died earlier this year so maybe spill out your 40 dog tonight for the ol' kraut.

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