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Art Fag Fest : 4 Days Away..


This is four days away. Get your ticket(s) here. Please don't forget that this show starts at 5pm. If you don't know where the SD Woman's Club hall is, look here.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ye Olde Maids Featured On Pink Priest Mix


Pink Priest has included Ye Olde Maids on a mix for the awesome blog, Discontent, A Mixtape Blog. Go download it! And while your add it, why not check out Pink Priest's blog God of Blues.

The Ye Olde Maids LP is available through Matador Direct and Revolver in the US, and also there are a few left for single mailorder via the Art Fag Recordings store.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Spectrum + Sonic Boom


On my recent trip to Los Angeles, I went on my obligatory trip to Amoeba to sink a few hours and hopefully leave with my arms full and my addiction fed. And I did! Not only did I find an original Vaselines 12" ep on 53rd & 3rd, and Stone Roses' 'Complete' 2xLP, but what I was oddly most pleased with was a cassette copy of Spectrum's first lp, "Soul Kiss" from 1992. It's a piece of melodic drone perfection. It was $1.99 and brand new! 2 dollars for a classic? Try and seek it out! Spectrum, of course is Sonic Boom/Pete Kember's band, post Spacemen 3.


SO in my Spectrum haze, I've been trippin' on their Youtubes and last night I was shocked to see that this video below only had 580 views. What the hell? It's so yourself a favor and click it.

And if that's not enough, go here, or here.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Last Caress By Dum Dum Girls


Go to Dum Dum Girls Myspace thing if you wanna hear their cover of Last Caress by The Misfits. It's good. And don't cry to me if you were a slowpoke, cuz they'll rip it down on yr ass in a heartbeat.

And speaking of Dum Dum Girls, did everybody know they are playing this in San Diego on Nov 27?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

COLD CAVE In San Diego December 5 / Poster


Whoop there it is. This night is kinda sick from beginning to end. If you haven't gotten the new ep Death Comes Close hurry up and go get it, it's super limited. And if you want to go even more limited, check out the Heartworm site. They just posted all kinds of rare CC goodies.

Here are the remaining dates of Cold Cave's current tour:

Nov 20 2009 at The Pill at Great Scott ,Boston
Nov 21 2009 w/ Sonic Youth & Dinosaur Jr at Terminal 5 ,NEW YORK
Nov 23 2009 w/ Sonic Youth at the Wilbur Theater ,BOSTON
Nov 30 2009 at The Vera Project ,Seattle
Dec 1 2009 at Rotture w/Former Ghosts ,Portland
Dec 3 2009 at Bottom Of The Hill w/ Former Ghosts ,San Francisco
Dec 4 2009 at Center For The Arts, Eagle Rock w/ Former Ghosts ,Los Angeles
Dec 5 2009 at Casbah w/ Nite Jewel + Ale Mania ,San Diego
Dec 6 2009 at Part Time Punks at the Echo w/ Nite Jewel ,Los Angeles

Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Bill

We miss you everyday. xxxoo


Best Coast is Single of the Week @ Escalator Records + Sold Out

One of the fun parts of having a record label is sending records to fun places, like Tokyo. Here is a cool interview with the owners circa 2008. (ANTHEM MAGAZINE)


'SUN WAS HIGH (SO WAS I)' 7" ¥1,290(税抜) ¥1,355(税込)

やはり発売日に完売になってしまった本国でもまともに流通されてない程に超限定販売されたBEST COASTのデビュー・シングル、送ってくれました。BETHANY COSENTINOはPOCAHAUNTEDのメンバー。DUM DUM GIRLSをよりビーチに向かわせ50'Sガールズ・ポップを歌わせたような今後ビーチ・ポップと呼ばれることになるのかもしれない盤の中でもまちがいなく特別なドラッグ・ポップ盤。限定300枚。US/ART FAG [ART FAG] x
品切れ中 | SOLD OUT


Monday, November 9, 2009

Press Bonanza: Best Coast & Dum Dum Girls

Lots of fun press junk on Dum Dum Girls and Best Coast lately! Here's a mini round up for you to chill to:

Firstly, check the mp3 and stream of Best Coast's new song on an upcoming 7" on Black Iris at The Fader. Then check out the OTHER song from the Black Iris 7" at Pitchfork.

When you're done trippin' on those go over to NME and see how they picked Dum Dum Girls as the number one thing to check at CMJ a couple weeks ago. You can't really read it though cuz it's tiny, but you can see their pic and get the idea. Or you can go buy it or something, they're hella expensive though. NME's generally a lame read, too, 'cep for when your dogs are in there.

Crocodiles Tour Diary / Shows w/ Raveonettes

Here's a kinda cool tour diary type thing Crocodiles did earlier in the year. It's kinda funny. It was posted on a website called Sezio and they were kind enough to send it over to me.

This Thursday Crocodiles play at The Belly Up Tavern with The Raveonettes and Dum Dum Girls. I'm gonna be playing records too for extra bonus.

Here are the remaining Crocs shows for this year:

Nov 9 2009 BIMBO’S w/ The Raveonettes San Francisco, California
Nov 10 2009 DETROIT BAR w/ The Raveonettes Costa Mesa, California
Nov 12 2009 BELLY UP w/ The Raveonettes Solana Beach, California
Nov 13 2009 HENRY FONDA w/ The Raveonettes Los Angeles, California
Nov 14 2009 THE GLASSHOUSE w/ The Raveonettes Pomona, California
Nov 21 2009 SALON CARIBE Mexico City
Nov 27 2009 ART FAG FEST San Diego, California
Dec 2 2009 SFBH Wellington
Dec 3 2009 GOODBYE BLUE MONDAY Christchurch
Dec 4 2009 MUM CLUB Auckland
Dec 5 2009 BACCO ROOM Auckland
Dec 11 2009 MEREDITH MUSIC FESTIVAL Melbourne, Victoria

Pearl Harbor Are Cover Girls / New Jams


Our favorite California golden girls are on the cover of the new LA Record, which is kinda tight. In celebration, they'll be djing and carrying on at LA's Cha Cha tonight. Go pick it up and read if you can.

You can also zone out and trip to two new and spectacular jams on their Myspace thing. 'California Shakedown' & 'I've Got Some Happiness (Leland cover)'.

There'll be a Pearl Harbor / Art Fag release in the 2010, which is pretty chill.

Lastly, get your tix for Art Fag Fest and check them out in San Diego Nov 27! All ages.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Yellow Fever Release New LP, Go On Tour


Austin's Yellow Fever have just released an LP on Wild World (Vivian Girls' label). They are currently on tour in support of it and are making a stop in here, in San Diego. I've never seen Yellow Fever, and have been anxiously awaiting them ever since Jennifer (YF) gave me their awesome CD. Their tour dates are below. Their San Diego show also has my faves Heavy Hawaii, new punx Nude Boy and new, new, NEW punx Jungle Fever. So much fever. It's Tuesday at The Soda Bar and it costs $5 dollars. Oh! And go buy their record while it lasts at the Wild World site!!

Yellow Fever's Tour Dates:

Nov 5 2009 Los Angeles @ Spaceland w/ Still Flyin’
Nov 6 2009 Santa Cruz @ Don Quixote’s con Still Flyin’
Nov 7 2009 San Francisco @ Cafe Du Nord w/ Still Flyin’
Nov 8 2009 Davis or Sacramento- w/ NODZZZ
Nov 9 2009 Los Angeles @ The Smell w/ Dunes, Besttt Coasttt, and more!
Nov 10 2009 San Diego CA @ Soda Bar w/Dunes, Nude Boy, and Heavy Hawaii (ex Fantastic Magic)
Nov 11 2009 Tempe AZ @ Bike Coop w/ Talk Normal
Nov 12 2009 El Paso TX @ Tequila Garage w/ Dozal Brothers and The Lusitania
Nov 14 2009 Denton TX @ Hailey’s w/ Fergus and Geronimo!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Best Coast Mail Order Sold Out / Shops & Distros Now Carrying

Best Coast Direct Sale Sold Out; Shops and Distros Remain

The Best Coast record sold out quick! We ran through our direct sale stock in a week, but don't sweat because we're selling it to Shops and Distros all over the whole wide world. Also, if you go to a Best Coast show, you'll be able to stop by, say 'What up' to homegirl and buy one.

Now available at these vendors (a lot more vendors being added soon):

Love Garden Sounds (Shop in Lawrence, Kansas)
File Under Records (Japanese mailorder)
FUSETRON (American distro)
Volcanic Tongue (Shop and online store, Scottland)
Italian Beach Babes (England Distro/mailorder)
Escalator (Japanese Shop & Online Store)

We still got a couple of Ye Olde Maids LP left for direct sale here but distros and shops are gobbling the record up crazy fast.

Thanks to everyone who bought direct all your records HAVE BEEN SHIPPED!