Thursday, November 19, 2009

Spectrum + Sonic Boom


On my recent trip to Los Angeles, I went on my obligatory trip to Amoeba to sink a few hours and hopefully leave with my arms full and my addiction fed. And I did! Not only did I find an original Vaselines 12" ep on 53rd & 3rd, and Stone Roses' 'Complete' 2xLP, but what I was oddly most pleased with was a cassette copy of Spectrum's first lp, "Soul Kiss" from 1992. It's a piece of melodic drone perfection. It was $1.99 and brand new! 2 dollars for a classic? Try and seek it out! Spectrum, of course is Sonic Boom/Pete Kember's band, post Spacemen 3.


SO in my Spectrum haze, I've been trippin' on their Youtubes and last night I was shocked to see that this video below only had 580 views. What the hell? It's so yourself a favor and click it.

And if that's not enough, go here, or here.

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Anonymous said...

RAD FIND! just got my hands on that spectrum lp it is fantastic!