Monday, November 2, 2009

Best Coast Mail Order Sold Out / Shops & Distros Now Carrying

Best Coast Direct Sale Sold Out; Shops and Distros Remain

The Best Coast record sold out quick! We ran through our direct sale stock in a week, but don't sweat because we're selling it to Shops and Distros all over the whole wide world. Also, if you go to a Best Coast show, you'll be able to stop by, say 'What up' to homegirl and buy one.

Now available at these vendors (a lot more vendors being added soon):

Love Garden Sounds (Shop in Lawrence, Kansas)
File Under Records (Japanese mailorder)
FUSETRON (American distro)
Volcanic Tongue (Shop and online store, Scottland)
Italian Beach Babes (England Distro/mailorder)
Escalator (Japanese Shop & Online Store)

We still got a couple of Ye Olde Maids LP left for direct sale here but distros and shops are gobbling the record up crazy fast.

Thanks to everyone who bought direct all your records HAVE BEEN SHIPPED!

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