Monday, November 9, 2009

Press Bonanza: Best Coast & Dum Dum Girls

Lots of fun press junk on Dum Dum Girls and Best Coast lately! Here's a mini round up for you to chill to:

Firstly, check the mp3 and stream of Best Coast's new song on an upcoming 7" on Black Iris at The Fader. Then check out the OTHER song from the Black Iris 7" at Pitchfork.

When you're done trippin' on those go over to NME and see how they picked Dum Dum Girls as the number one thing to check at CMJ a couple weeks ago. You can't really read it though cuz it's tiny, but you can see their pic and get the idea. Or you can go buy it or something, they're hella expensive though. NME's generally a lame read, too, 'cep for when your dogs are in there.

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