Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Best Coast / New California Tunes


I'm super excited about some new music I heard the other day and I'm super excited to share. Ladies and germs meet Best Coast. A real nice gal from the city of angels. Her name is Bethany and she writes and records what are in her words, "songs about summer and the sun and the ocean and being a lazy creep". Well she did a dang good job of doing so and you can peep that shit via that link below. They're just demos. but to me, they're borderline perfect as is. Actually fuck borderline, they're just perfect. Fuzzzzzy, bright melodies are always good though right? My fave is the song Bratty B. Or maybe Sleepy One.

Stay tuned for more songs, souped up recordings, shows and records by Best Coast SOOON.

Best Coast Myspace

Monday, April 27, 2009

Art Fag Recordings Update / Fun Summer Nights

Updates 'n' shit. So much to get to. Label stuff and the nights we're putting on. Oh and a magic tour. But let's start with Art Fag Recordings.

Very excited about the Ye Olde Maids (AF004) record. There's been a LOT of waiting on certain details, but I'm PUMPED to be able to say that the record and sleeves are being made right NOW, as we speak. So we're talking only weeks away from it being out and in yr loving hands. I mean if you love pefect records.

Moving along swiftly on the 7" split (AF005). PENS, Dum Dum Girls, Crocodiles and Graffiti Island. All the music is in and art is done. Actually art is pretty sick and was done by Amelia of PENS. Check it out:


This should be out soon after the Ye Olde Maids record and will be pressed in an edition of 1000.

Internet Forever 7" single and Dum Dum Girls full length cassette will be AF006 & AF007. PUMPED. A lot more in the works and I plan on keeping busy and putting these out faster and faster throughout the year and beyond. Release dates to be posted very soon.

Lastly there's a major fun announcement to make. Dates are being finalized as we speak for a tour to promote/celebrate the 4 way split 7". Crocodiles, PENS and Graffiti Island are touring the west coast from roughly August 17 to September 2. The exact dates should be announced soon. How exciting is that?? I can't WAIT.

Looks to be a sick ass summer for shows/nights if you live in San Diego/Southern California too. Here are some dates we're doing.

May 9 - Mika Miko, The Soft Pack, Protect Me and I'm playing records! @ The Smell. Not Free.
May 22 - Thin Man @ The Whistle Stop. FREE.
June 13 - So Cow (Ireland), Christmas Island, Beaters @ Soda Bar. Not Free.
June 19 - Hawnay Troof, BAADD (Australia) @ Soda Bar. Costs Money.
June 21 - Religous Girls, Our Brother The Native @ Too Many Creeps @ Whistle Stop. FREE.
June 21 - Crocodiles @ Soda Bar. FREE.
July 6 - Strange Boys, Coathangers, The Anasazis, Heavy Hawaii @ The Casbah. Bring Cash.
July 15 - Mika Miko @ Citizen Video. ALL AGES AND FREE. 3pm.
July 15 - Mika Miko, The Audacity, Beaters, Shannon & The Clams @ The Casbah. Get A Job.

Working on a LOT more so details will come as soon as they're sorted out.

That's it for now. Peace.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Video Rewind : Fairytale In The Supermarket By The Raincoats

I'd be hard pressed to think of a record I like better than The Raincoats' self titled debutt. It's one of my favorites of all time. And this single "Fairytale In The Supermarket"? Perfect. Did you know they've reformed and Vice Cooler/Hawnay Troof is their new drummer? Real talk.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Do It Yourself : The Story Of Rough Trade


If you've read this god forsaken thing a few times over the past couple years, you've probably gathered that I LOVE Rough Trade. And if not. listen, I LOVE ROUGH TRADE. It's beginnings as a label are an inspiration to me. It's original roster from 1977 to 1986 is the kind of eclectic and forward thinking group of artists that I aspire to have on my label. From Metal Urbain and Stiff Little Fingers to The Smiths. And the The Raincoats, The Fall and Television Personalities in between. PERFECT.

You know what else I love? A good rock doc. (Rerember when VH1 offered "Rock Docs"?) I just saw the amazing Arthur Russell 'Wild Combination' and it ruled. Shield Around The K, The Filth And The Fury, Joy Division, that Daniel Johnston one, all those movies. Love 'em.

Well BBC made a Rogh Trade one called Do It Yourself: The Story Of Rough Trade. It is good. Watch it. Link below.

Rough Trade Rock Doc

And if that's not enough, you should read this book below. It's kinda my bible. You can look into it here


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Chandra - Transportation 1980


In 1980, Chandra Oppenheim was 12 years old and in New York City. Her father was artist/sculptor Dennis Oppenheim. Members of post punk/ no wave band, The Dance, were friends of his. She began to write songs to instrumental songs The Dance had recorded. Magic happened and was released on a 4 song 12" ep called Teansportation on Go Go Records. Chandra went on to record another ep with some fellow teens as The Chandra Dimension in 1982. The songs were never released and she soon ended that phase of her life. Cantor Records reissued the 4 song ep and the 5 unreleased songs last year as a 12" w/ 32 page booklet and download. Those are the facts. My opinion is that I love these songs and I've ordered my record.

Here's 'Kate', one of the songs from the original 4 song Transprtation 12" ep.

Chandra 'Kate'