Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Best Coast / New California Tunes


I'm super excited about some new music I heard the other day and I'm super excited to share. Ladies and germs meet Best Coast. A real nice gal from the city of angels. Her name is Bethany and she writes and records what are in her words, "songs about summer and the sun and the ocean and being a lazy creep". Well she did a dang good job of doing so and you can peep that shit via that link below. They're just demos. but to me, they're borderline perfect as is. Actually fuck borderline, they're just perfect. Fuzzzzzy, bright melodies are always good though right? My fave is the song Bratty B. Or maybe Sleepy One.

Stay tuned for more songs, souped up recordings, shows and records by Best Coast SOOON.

Best Coast Myspace


catdirt said...

done and done.

Anonymous said...

her dad was the drummer for WAR

catdirt said...

how many times do i have to say "done and done" before she comes down here to do a show?

Skull Kontrol said...

She's coming July 17 most The Whistle Stop.