Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Chandra - Transportation 1980


In 1980, Chandra Oppenheim was 12 years old and in New York City. Her father was artist/sculptor Dennis Oppenheim. Members of post punk/ no wave band, The Dance, were friends of his. She began to write songs to instrumental songs The Dance had recorded. Magic happened and was released on a 4 song 12" ep called Teansportation on Go Go Records. Chandra went on to record another ep with some fellow teens as The Chandra Dimension in 1982. The songs were never released and she soon ended that phase of her life. Cantor Records reissued the 4 song ep and the 5 unreleased songs last year as a 12" w/ 32 page booklet and download. Those are the facts. My opinion is that I love these songs and I've ordered my record.

Here's 'Kate', one of the songs from the original 4 song Transprtation 12" ep.

Chandra 'Kate'

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