Thursday, April 9, 2009

Do It Yourself : The Story Of Rough Trade


If you've read this god forsaken thing a few times over the past couple years, you've probably gathered that I LOVE Rough Trade. And if not. listen, I LOVE ROUGH TRADE. It's beginnings as a label are an inspiration to me. It's original roster from 1977 to 1986 is the kind of eclectic and forward thinking group of artists that I aspire to have on my label. From Metal Urbain and Stiff Little Fingers to The Smiths. And the The Raincoats, The Fall and Television Personalities in between. PERFECT.

You know what else I love? A good rock doc. (Rerember when VH1 offered "Rock Docs"?) I just saw the amazing Arthur Russell 'Wild Combination' and it ruled. Shield Around The K, The Filth And The Fury, Joy Division, that Daniel Johnston one, all those movies. Love 'em.

Well BBC made a Rogh Trade one called Do It Yourself: The Story Of Rough Trade. It is good. Watch it. Link below.

Rough Trade Rock Doc

And if that's not enough, you should read this book below. It's kinda my bible. You can look into it here



Anonymous said...

Agreed, Rough Trade is pure goodness.

A friend gave me their 2-disc 'Post-Punk' Comp back in 2003 as a gift and it blew me away. So much good stuff was on it: Swell Maps, Pop Group, AU Pairs, PIL, Life Without Buildings, Magazine, bIG fLAME, The Fall....those Rough Trade guys have good taste.

I'll definitely be checking this stuff out.

CDW said...

metal urbain!!