Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Blackblack / Copycat

So I NEVER want to be a copy catter. Never. But I have to admit i was turned on to this band after reading Melissa Miserable's big ol' blog. She was gushing about these fools. You can read her thingy here. So anyway I was really impressed by this band Blackblack a three piece from L.A., two girls and a dude. You can read all the info about them on the MM blog and use all those links and shit she posted, but I just thought I'd post this video for Emerald Forest so you can see all the melodies they jam packed into this song. And they're all like this. Super jam packed and oozing with melodies yet simple and d.i.y. sounding. I know I know, her blog is all nice and has info and links and pics and all I got is this lazy ass youtube. Fuck.