Saturday, July 19, 2008

Skull Kontrol San Francisco This Thursday

Hey bossmaster. All the dogs are reuniting for a most robust fun fest up the beautiful California coast. That's right fuck face, The Muslims, Crocodiles and ME are heading to Oakland/San Francisco this coming Thursday for a party at The Knockout and a party on Friday at the House of Red. Booyakasha. The Knockout show is 5 shekels and the Oakland fiesta is free but don't trip, you should give us gas money or a cotton pickin' cold one.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sirs,

I'm sure you must by now be aware that the moniker you are using for whatever it is that you do (Skull Kontrol, with a "k") is already the name of a seminal, influential, trashy "rock and roll" outfit of the same name from the late '90s, whose body of work and aesthetic is additionally very much in the same vein - nay, an early harbinger of that vein - which you seem keen to recuperate and pose as aficionado.

What baffles the mind is that it would seem from your exploits that you should already be aware of this. Perhaps your usage of the name is an homage? In any case, for the kids who may be paying attention, the original Skull Kontrol included members of Born Against, Wrangler Brutes, (Young) Pioneers, The Monorchid, Fast Forward, Las Mordidas, Circus Lupus, etc. Perhaps you have heard of one or more of those groups? If not, feel free consult this "fan page" made on what the kids refer to as "The 'Space":

Though it becomes clear to the discerning internet-user that your usage of the name is not for a "band" as such, but as some sort of a promotional "brand name" for a night of live music and DJ tomfoolery, the way the name appears on your flyers and related propaganda (again, seeming almost a cheap nod to the original Skull Kontrol) is indeed highly misleading.

Be advised that placing such propaganda and advertising your event as such in enclaves where historical consciousness of such matters still runs deep, will create befuddled confusion amongst the counter-culture aristocracy, and therefore may not be good for your "cred," as the kids say.

In any case, I don't mean to be be the harbinger of entirely bad tidings. Good luck in your endeavors recuperative and revisionist endeavors, wherever they may take you.

Very sincerely yours,
A concerned citizen.

Mario Orduno said...

Dearest Anonymous, Andy Coronado is one of my oldest friends. Dating to when he lived in Coronado, hence his moniker. Pre Monorchid, Skull Kontrol, Wrangler Brutes, Nazti Skinz and White Shit. When I was thinking of a name for my new night a few years ago, Andy thought my idea to name it after Sk was funny and kinda whatever / rad. Then the night got kinda mega. So the blog came and the name seemed natural. Who knows maybe the blog name part was a bad idea, but what's done is done and I don't really care. I think I'm comfortable with my "cred". Basically I don't care at all and I don't even know why I'm responding. I guess I'm glad in a way somebody knows all those good bands, but hope that's not your only concern in life. Hey! I got a fun one for you. Name all the bands that took their name from lyrics on Eno's Taking Tiger Mountain lp. That's always fun trivia. Good luck in your blah blah blah too.

tio rato said...

recuperative moniker homage space cred harbinger.
geez what a nay sayer.

Mars said...

I've got to defend anon a weeee bit as when I first saw your flyer - I thought SK had re-formed! But then I saw a few others and it became clear that it was an event. No big deal. I mean, really, there was a 'Skull Control' before 'Skull Kontrol' and I didn't hear people losing their minds over that. I wish I could come check it out, sounds like my type-a thing!

alina said...

I have to defend anon, too. I was very confused upon reaching this page via google.