Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Equals.

The Equals are one of my all time faves. Remember Eddy Grant? Electric Avenue? Well holmes had a band in the 60s N 70s called The Equals. Remember The Clash's "Police On My Back"? Guess what boss, it's an Equals song. You can't deny how good they were. One listen and you'll be HOOKED. SO catchy. They're called The Equals because there are 3 black dudes and 2 white guys in the band. And blacks and whites are equal and shit. Browns are one step up from the both of them, but I digress. Check thisssssssss.


Michael said...

If there were 3 black dudes and only 2 whites, then apparently the white dudes were equal to one and a half blacks.

Skull Kontrol said...

Oh man!! You're right!! Whites ARE superior. But the brown status doesn't budge.