Friday, February 13, 2009

Do I Like Sham 69? Doi! Of Course I Do.

So if there's a band that get my friends drunkenly hugging, singing, kissing and carrying on (basically being foolish), it's Sham 69. Look at these bad ass fools with their bad ass songs. Makes me want to drink from a tall mug and bash my friends face with it when I'm done. Then hug 'em and sing the rest of the song with him.

Check out this footage from Reading '78. Perfect. Funny when he say's "All you people have done time, SING!". There can not be any better good time than to have been there.

And in this footage from tv? Perfect. How fun would it be to be the kid in this clip? The guy must have grown up a bad ass. The golden child.

So I think this weekend I'm going to listen to Sham 69, Cock Sparrer, Toy Dolls and Cockney Rejects. Go find these records fool. Or at least spend a few hours youtoobin'. You'll be a better person.

1 comment:

lawrence said...

I'm pretty sure that kid din NOT grow up to be one of these guys...