Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bonus Tracks : Mo-dettes & Quix*O*Tic

In the past I've written about two of my favorites. Mo-dettes (most recently) and all of Christina Billotte's bands (about a year ago) like Slant 6, Quix*O*Tic and Casual Dots. I thought I'd upload for your enjoyment two of my favorite jams that I'm pretty sure you won't find on the interweb. And if you can cool, whatever.


So 'Tonight' by Mo-dettes is a bonus track from the cd remaster and rerelease from Cherry Red. It was originally an A-side from a 1981 single. It's shockingly good. The back up vocals? Ehhhh, PERFECT. The french lyrics? ALWAYS PERFECT. So jam on this please:

Mo-dettes - 'Tonight'


Secondy, I offer the ridiculously good first song off the first record by Quix-O-Tic. Song is called 'Make All The Ghoul Girls Cry', the LP is called 'Night For Day'. This is the best of the best of the best. Weird post punker, almost surfy slowed down Cramps guitar, haunting vocals and piles and piles of melodies. And weirdo lyrics that I bet you can't figure out. Listen.

Quix*O*Tic - 'Make AllThe Ghoul Girls Cry'

So basically I'm rehashing old bloggingz but I just got these songs on cd and I wanted to share. Aight?

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