Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Homosexuals Are Back With A New Record And Tour


What a cool time to be a Homosexuals fan. Not only are the legendary UK/NYC post punkers back and touring again, but they have a fantastic new ten inch record, 'Love Guns?'. Seriously, it's good. Like band leader Bruno Wizard never missed a beat type good. If that isn't enough, it was just announced that Mike from Captured Tracks/Blank Dogs is teaming up with In The Red to reissue all the good early stuff on vinyl. All the classics. Astral Glamour. Hearts In Exile. And MORE. And you know you can always get the bad ass 3 cd set of all the early music, Astral Glamour. It's not expensive and comes with all kinds of visual goodies.

So check the Myspace link below, or their website, also linked below, and find where they'll be in yr city (there aren't that many U.S. dates!!). If you're in San Diego just stay here. They'll be playing this Friday with Kill Me Tomorow and The Anasazis at The Soda Bar. Yours truly will be blasting records. Don't be a fool and miss the magic. And speaking of magic, Kill Me Tomorrow played a new song over the weekend that was so good and I can't get it out of my head!


Listen to more songs on their Myspace thing.

The Homosexuals Myspace

The Homosexuals Website

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