Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lo Boob Oscillator

This song is perfect. How come nobody listens to Stereolab anymore? I saw them once in San Diego, but it was at a horrible venue. They played awesomely, though, and I really want to see them again. 60s pop, French pop and krautrock mixed beautifully. They have ten lps and a multitude of collections. I suggest all of them, but the mid 90s ones are probably my favorite. Anyway, back to the song. Listen.

Lo Boob Oscillator by Sterolab


ikes said...

i always thought it was 'Lo Boob Oscillator'.. oh, i just pulled out my stereolab CDs and it is! i still listen to them from time to time, even the later boring stuff. last time i saw them was at the belly up. i don't mind that place too much. they certainly lost something when mary hansen died, though.

Mario Orduno said...

ha! Thanks Ikes. I fixed it!! Consider credit give to you. What is MY problem? SO I didn't see them @ The Belly Up. I saw them somewhere else. It's a lame place though. I'm glad you still listen. I'm going to restart.